Monday, November 26, 2012

787-9, Behind The Cut And Paste News

The 787-9 is rapidly coming into fruition as reported by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Rather than paste this article here, go review it at its site.  Puget Sound Business Journal . Most press clippings on anything, write a one paragraph/sentence intro, and paste the news wire into its news page with a different headline. However,

Puget Sound Business Journal by Steve Wilhelm, Staff Writer Date: Monday, November 26, 2012, 2:47pm PST

provides some nuggets for consideration.

1. Boeing's lessons learned department is going forth with new efficiency not experienced in the program.

2.  Boeing is eager to move forward with the -9, because they have retired risks and originally... spoke out of both sides of its collective mouths, when selling a Dream. Because they did not have a clue on how long, long was, when talking to a consulting Geologist about epic periods of time.

3. Now Boeing is playing smug and cautious when comes to the -9. They have a winning poker hand, alluded to the Journal link above, and Boeing is showing its poker face.

4. Its really late into 2015 before Boeing moves the last of the sub 66 unit#'s, out of Everett. Behind the scenes a new unannounced strategy is going on there, where you have to talk to the Boeing customers affected, about what's the real story? Regarding  customers parked aircraft (for four years, 2011-2015), at Everett that is 60,000 dollar question.

5. Ahead of schedule means either its a typo or ahead of the latest schedule, not the first schedule!

Having, played the 787 saga to its inventive conclusion, Boeing is taking a long inhale followed by a great exhale of meeting its promise. Inhale the humility and exhale the brag and sales announcements.  Breathing clearly helps the company not choke to death over the large chunk of its trying to swallow early on bravado pie.  The burping is almost over and its time to party with the deserts.

That being said, 2013 will be Boeing's year, as Airbus fights for relevancy.