Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beyond Approach Or Compare Is The F-35

5th Generation departs from flying as a combatant and becomes a platform for deception and delivery. Russia declares superior horsepower from dubious engine reputation and a world’s best dog fighter claim. If this was World War II then what Russia makes of it is that it has a dog fighters chance, becoming a valid Russian claim. 

The Russian Su-35 or its unfinished PAK T-50 is possibly not 5th generation. Fifth generation is not designed as an improved dog fighter but an aircraft that has the best super computer installed. The American F-35 has stubby wings and a powerful engine surrounding its computers. The dog fight or attack is fought in cyber space and Lockheed brings computers to the battle. Out of tradition it mounts a fighter pilot in a cockpit, so the pilot can monitor systems which are monitored by satellites and ground installations back the helmet.

Image result for F-35 on afterburner

The next time a glitch is reported in a long line of F-35 problems a sense that firm-ware or software lies beneath the problem. Because the aircraft works at computer speed and not Mach 1.6.  Pilots sometimes suffer hypoxia or lack of oxygen to the brain. This is a signal the human has not caught up to what the F-35 can do. The Russian pilot is subjected to extreme dogfight conditions as well. The Su-35 is some trick pony dancing about the sky waiting to find its incoming dance partner, a missile. 

If war became a rock fight, then the Su-35 is a marvelous dodger of rocks. If war becomes serious, then the F-35 is more deadly in a turkey shoot and the Su-35 becomes the turkey after coming from its airshows.

Can other nations duplicate American technology and its Research and development engine? The F-35 journey started over 15 years ago and possibly started in the 90’s. The concept is an open challenge not constrained by conventional thinking. The Russians and Chinese have gone down two different roads. 

The Russians choose to build superior dog fighters. 

The Chinese are emulating the F-35 at every turn. Remembering how the US industrial complex can’t figure out what it has done with the F-35, it seems hard to believe the Chinese have duplicated or exceeded America’s unrefined F-35 technology currently tested and delivered at its Initial Operational Capability (IOC).

The problem with the F-35 is that it is a twenty year project before IOC. However, the current plan is for a ten year IOC which falls short of time for how much the US is biting off with its 5th generation fighters.

A 4+++ generation fighter is a superior dog fighter but the fifth generation fighter is a wicked adversary that remains unseen and fights before a dogfight starts, hence no need for Mach 2.0 or stunt maneuvers Russia is perfecting. Jet speed and maneuverability is not fifth generation. Computer speed and system management is the fifth gen. battle space. 

Lockheed calls it fusion with six eyes and a dozen computers or more. The pilot is there out of a traditional belief a pilot is needed to hook its brain into a helmet and becomes a vital link in its operation as its computer waits for a pilot input.

Fifth generation is not a reflection of traditional fighting because it attacks without the Marquis of Queensbury rules. Go fast enough, go long, and then shoot when invisible from any searching electronics as an undetected assassin. The theme of warfare has changed and so the chest thumping becomes a trite example of gen. 4++, or also known as a superior dog fighter. True fifth generation is not a dog fighter it is an assassin with all the bells and whistles. China can’t steal that attribute fast enough just as America can’t fix it fast enough on its F-35's.

War makes pressure which makes diamonds. The American industrial complex is in the money making mode and it is not pressurized by war. Therefore, the F-35 initial capability seems like a lump of coal awaiting a catastrophic pressure for its true purpose, that of a diamond cutting tool of war. The only saying worthy of its current condition comes from Grecian ancient times. “The mills of the Gods grind slowly but oh so fine”.