Monday, March 20, 2017

Loong Air China On Verge Of Order (for a) Large Single Aisle Order

In a down order year, Boeing is pulling strings while keeping up the order pressure on Airbus. There is a China completion center caveat in the order book recipe. Boeing is going to build a single aisle completion center in China. The latest hint comes out of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

"Boeing’s biggest rewards for agreeing to set up 737 completion center in China will come in the years ahead. But a taste is probably imminent, as an airline based in the same province prepares to order 737 MAX aircraft and sizes up 787s for another contract. By a happy coincidence for Boeing, Loong Air has the most aggressive expansion plan of any small airline in China and has the backing of a strong provincial government, auguring well for repeat orders."

How many and when, will be posted as soon as someone speaks of an order completion? Loong Airlines (China) could be a significant player in China's aviation industry. There is a hint of a 787 order on a second contract. Another pending feather in Boeing's hat may float down during 2017. A slow order year can be an exciting year after-all.