Saturday, December 17, 2016

Post #1000 Winging It, A Boeing Assignment

It all started back on October 17, 2012 with the following link 1st link ever of, below a Winging It opening salvo of witticisms with reporting. 

In a way, it is sad to say a time has come to review and regroup this exercise with a then and now opening and a closing.

Andrew Boydston "Winging It" On A Hike In Montana 2013.

After suffering a massive heart attack I was pronounced dead at the hospital emergency and then a miracle happened when my body reached room temperature. My heart started again devoid of any medical attention they were five minutes away from bagging my body having only the last electrode attached to my chest removed when a beep occured on the screen. 

The RN in charge was there as was my grieving wife when she said, "He's got a beep let's work with it".  

An observer would note the impossibility as any human aware would. The hospital death report was to be updated with the simple phrase, "Then he lived", after the report documented Mr. Boydston died at 2:30 PM June 1, 2011. The cardiac team descended on my totally blue body with a purpose. My wife who held my foot at the time of life was astounded. She let go and the heart monitor flat lined. 

The RN shouted at her, "Grab his foot you have a miracle touch".

She did and my heart once again started without any medical intervention as reported. However, so minutes had passed between death and restart, as it was determined later, I had annoxic brain injury announced by the fine attending cardiac physician, who is also my Heart Doctor before this condition. 


He said to my family, "he will not live through the cath lab" for which is necessary for any chance of his survival." 

The process of sending a cath tube with camera up my leg and into my heart would surely kill me! I passed the cath test as they discovered a blockage in one of my twenty year old by-passes. Yes, I am a four-way by-pass recover-er from 1994. The same year I met Dr. Benjamin Carson, who has since become the new USA HUD cabinet leader on PEOTUS, announced on December 5, 2016. 

I went to symposium where he was the key note speaker on heath issues. I was keen to learn after my By-pass surgery in 1994 about healthy life styles.

After making it out of the lab, My Cardiac doctor came to my wife on that same day, and once again told my wife, "I would die as two patients that day had already died after chilling the brain. 

My brain was swelling from the trauma and needed ice packed around the cardio ares and brain area to save me. The Doctor told my wife I would die there was little hope.

I made the 12 hours of treatment and the brain returned to a normal state with what is called "annoxic brain injury”, the prognosis was the high probability of being a vegetable or at best limited mental functions. 


After I made it out of the freeze my doctor disappeared from the hospital leaving this message behind to the hospital staff, "I resign and will pursue an education of being an attorney at law".

He made good on his vow and is now at the same hospital where I recovered and is a attorney for its operational functions. That was five years ago when he resigned. He finished law school in three years or less time. I have since started writing this blog during my rehab stint.

My rehab addressed memory problems and some other issues which are now solved. During rehab I couldn't even write especially with a keyboard. The therapist gave me a work assignment. Write about something you love or know about, and everything will fall into place.


I took her to heart, and started the "Winging It" blog.

To all the thousands of readers that have had the opportunity of reading this blog, thank you.

It’s been my pleasure providing aviation insight with tongue in cheek humor at the same time. I love sarcastic journalism mixed with factual information and observations. My self-imposed work assignment was to write about Boeing and other big things such as the F-35 and the USS Zumwalt Destroyer.

My own heritage goes back to the P-38 Lightening and SR-71 coming from my Uncle's journey going through wars as a fighter pilot, and Lockheed's key engineer flying the "Black Bird" from the ground.

The Boeing project is a culmination of a love for aviation and a need to exercise my wits. It is my hope, I could fuse the data noise from the aviation world as a useful tool, and I believe I have done so. Blog number 1,000 was a goal completed. The year 2017 is still up for grabs for this blog status, as I too become tired from effort but not in spirit.

I love life, and the pursuit of marvelous inventions made during the progress of mankind’s journey. In that Light, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have much to be thankful for from our progress, and much more work to be done while alleviating the world’s pain with humankind’s suffering.