Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day One The Grinch Wants A Bigger Gun

The DDG 1000, Americas longest and most costly Destroyer is going to get a better less expensive cannon round for Christmas. Already hailed as the most complex floating machine with a high end price tag of four billion dollars. The Grinch wants for Christmas a better gun.

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The Navy would not confirm any details of the change saying the change was, “predecisional.”

Huh? Predecisional!! tis the seasonal fah la la la la la la la (imaginary Christmas Tune) the Grinch will get his way as government intelligence is put to the test on this one.

The Long Range... oh well the LRLAP $800,000+ costs per rounds having a 60 mile reach would be replaced by Raetheon's Excalibur Round only going half the distance and costing just a third and will save the the national debt about two billion out a 20 trillion tab. Instead of 4 Billion spent arming the Navy ships with LRLAP's it could arm the same fleet for about 1.5 billion with 2,500 rounds of 155 mm shot. The "Let's Replace Ludicrous Artillery Projectiles" (LRLAP) program is taking a turn for Christmas.

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