Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boeing 787 Month End Report

Below are the mid quarter numbers with YTD progress. Boeing has slacken the delivery pace in November having only nine 787 delivered but remains on schedule for delivering 138 787's during 2016. Order numbers remain at 68 787 after the robust order slurry in October.

Fig. 1

The 90 day moving average dipped from a plus 12 monthly average down to 11.33 falling below monthly guidance. However about 12 787's will be delivered in December capping off the year with 138 delivered in total if all goes well.
Fig. 2

Program health is solid as more 787 orders are expected soon rather than later.

Fig. 3

The 787-9 delivery Program to Date demonstrates its ever increased delivery profile compare with the 787-8. The 787-9 dominates with 616 orders verses the 787-8's 431 ordered.

Fig. 4

Final analysis comes from process totals as the In Production number decreases exhibiting program build efficiency has increased. In January 2016 only eight 787 were delivered with 45 frames in process as compared with November's 37 in process demonstrating a higher factory floor efficiency.

Fig. 5