Friday, December 2, 2016

Air France Flies Its First 787-9 with Boeing's Five Hundredth Frame Built

Once it was unimaginable how Boeing was going to build five hundred wide bodies. Well, it did just that and Air France received the 500th 787 built body in the form of a 787-9 Dreamliner. Congratulations are in order for both for this feat. The other story is that; Boeing is delivering its five hundredth customer DreamLiner this month. That delivery is scheduled for December 20, 2016 delivering to Avianca and it's a 787-8.

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The significance of this accomplishment for Boeing. It can now claim Program maturity as it has significantly proven the 787's veracity for proof of concept and a free flowing reliability. Even though there are day to day incidences reported, such as engine shut down or warning indicators revealing an actual fault, those are typical mishaps not wanted, but endured by all aircraft of every type. The 787 difference is these types of failures have been significantly prepared for by Boeing and it has mitigated any problematic occurrences through advance technology monitoring and reporting.

Air France has a very mature and clean Dreamliner, and should not expect any mishaps that are not already dealt with from the other 499 aircraft now flying with its many customers. In addition, Air France is positioning itself for a more optimal operations as it will increase its profit margins demonstrated by so many other customers who fly the 787. They will compete with the region's burgeoning stars such Norwegian Air and Thompson Air. They will become on par with British Airways as it has its own 787-9's. BAC has nine 787-8's delivered or in production and sixteen 787-9's delivered including one to be delivered.

Air France is countering with 787's after its first 787-9 delivery this week having a dozen in total coming from Air Cap leasing. In addition Air France has a large direct purchase from Boeing after lining up some eighteen 787-9's and seven 787-10's. They will go head to head with the above mentioned Airlines once it stocks its inventory with Boeing wide bodied 787's. In all, Air France will fly with thirty-seven 787's from leasing or direct buys once all orders are filled making its competitors aware of its presences in the marketplace.