Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thinking About The Grinch Visit At Delta For Christmas

Yes, Delta canceled 18 787-8's from its decade old order from Boeing. Does it hurt? The answer is what this contribution for discussion is about. The pomp and ceremony of a 1200 wide body order book has a smear on it. Delta had no intention long ago of completing this order. It was just a place holder for something in case Airbus could not do with its wide body, an A350. In fact Delta was set up for the Airbus A330-NEO class more than the 787-8. Then Airbus came out with the A350 and successfully moved it to the market.

Long had Delta switched its efforts towards obtaining an Airbus platform. It was as simple as becoming a single operating system company loaded with iPhones instead of having an Android based phones for its operation. Why does Delta prefer Airbus? The simple answer is because the mission and vision of Delta had a subtle change from the top. Some new people came "on board" over the years and joined the clamor of a one fleet world for various and seemingly important reasons. 

Having two fleet types containing both Boeing and Airbus is a theme Delta departed from when inserting its team of new leaders since the year 2005. The leadership analysis demonstrates a startling reveal on the ages of position holders and the respective start date for each in that position. The average age of top leadership is 58.7 years as of today and the average start date of an officer is 2013.

Note: The top tier execs for which almost all are highlighted in yellow averages 53 years of age. The advisory board members average age is 67.

Reuters has provided an Organization listing:  Winging It Analysis Added:

The column with yellow highlights illustrates an age range of 40-60 years suggesting personnel having a new and non -legacy attitude. 

The top of the executive organization has an average age of 53 years. Chairman of the Board is not included with the in-house leadership as that order begins below the Chairman of the Board.

What does all this mean? The new blood has taken the competitive route infusing commonality of inventory for all its aircraft. The one-off example, is the Boeing 737-900 with a total order standing for 120 of its type. This suggests an independent rule is applied for its single aisle segment within its inventory. 

However, Boeing is still vulnerable to Delta's mission and vision going forward. As the 737-900 fleet ages and after that order is completed or cancelled, Delta may opt to go A321-NEO completing its obvious mission/vision one fleet view. The new exec team has chosen to drink the "cool-aid" from the previous boards since 2005 at a time when Northwest's 787-8 order was first placed and as a pre-merger condition for which Delta absorbed.

For all intent and purpose, the 2005 Delta board was hedging its bet when merging with Northwest's 787-8 order and waited until Airbus got its act together on the wide-body segment. The 18-787-8 order merged with Delta was sketchy at best since 2005 pre-merger status with Northwest Airlines. The dropping of Delta's 787-8 order will adjust Boeing's order book by 1.5 percent, and as a further example, the Qatar order for its 787-9's during 2016 has increased the order book by 2.5 % at that moment in time. 

All-in-all there are changes causing a continuous flux from the commercial airplane market. Boeing has had about a half-a dozen years available for addressing the Delta reduction in orders for which it has already done so when booking more orders this year than expected.

Delta Vision/Mission Statement:

"We—Delta's employees, customers, and community partners together form a force for positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards of living and the environment where we and our customers live and work."

After analyzing the Delta Mission they missed the corporate version and painted in the employee version as its leading view for the company. It has the heft of a salad shooter.


"Delta Air Lines. We love to fly. And it shows."

Winging It Version: "Delta Air Lines, We love to Fly Airbus and it shows"

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Competition Starts With Cement Slabs at Boeing

All the fixtures are bolted down on cement slabs. Fixtures are measured in tons and tons and need a lot of cement on which to sit upon. The 777 factory in Everett has major challenges as the order was given "continue 777-300-ER production while building a 777X and yeah it's in the same place". The problem is not so much a continuous flow from the 777-300-ER and back to the 777X in the same gigantic space, but having divergent technologies colliding on the factory floor.

Image result for Everett 777 production plant

A plastic wing assembled on a 777X is completely different than an aluminum wing attached to the 777-300ER. These are no small potatoes rolling through the assembly hall. The problem is so complex it will take a team of planners, engineers and mechanics in order to solve the gigantic puzzle. The final solution is years in the making going forward. The 777-300ER will be built for an additional ten years or longer, as the 777X becomes the new standard. In fact the 777-300ER may never be out of favor for some of Boeing's customers, as found with its 767. Freight 767's for FedEx and the KC-46's for the military both having recent orders is proving the modular space flexibility of building different purpose built types on the same line/space as a goal.

The production dance requires a little drop in productivity in the near term. A timely introduction with a new and different type of aircraft (777X) massive assembly is required. This "change" is from using CFRP wings and other components inserted on the 777X and then Boeing flips back to building a 777-300ER all in the same space at the same time. The Boeing dance is mapped out with use of "modular space" and the production floor changes after each milestone is reached for which changes the process flow. 

A definition of modular space: "is a space having an open architecture area flexible enough for installation of new processes and equipment designated for that process. Change within space is complimentary of change within the process occupying that space."  

Here's the plant's team feedback, "Get-er-done"


In an office building, a company may renovated 3,000 square feet at a time. However, Boeing will make and then close production bays as needed having the heft of 150,000 square per bay. Imagine an area the size of a Super Costco and then one can imagine the temporary space that each stage needs. Each inserting its footprint or closing a production bay as maturity of production process requires. The 777 production is so complicated it must transition towards a bi-production process of building different but similar aircraft each having different technologies all on the same line.

Boeing will leap frog production space as it transitions towards having the 777X model inserted into the Everett facility. Boeing must build every modular space with the capability of supporting immense manufacturing weights. Hence, a six foot thick cement slab is poured into a factory floor in order to take on any task the space may face in the next fifty years. 

Currently Boeing engineers are digging dirt that supported the 747 process back in 1968. A sense of flexibility for change on a massive scale is felt as if Boeing was tasked to move a cement Dam every 50 years while a river changes direction. The 777X impact is that river, and Boeing is digging deep before the year 2020 comes when the ramping up for the 777X process merges with the 777-300ER process. Both model must seamlessly keep the production flow going forward without any conflicting manufacturing impedance.

Boeing is challenging Airbus at the always improving state of mind.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The F-35 Is All About Smoke And Mirrors

Image Credit: Twitter: iFighterPilot
Chinese FC-31 #001

The Chinese has released its FC-31, an off-the-shelf Chinese twin engine fighter design.

The F-35 can't haul as much armaments as the FC-31's eight tons of missiles and bombs. It doesn't go as fast as the FC-31. The Gyrfalcon will go Mach 1.8 which is faster than the F-35's Mach 1.6. The FC-31 does though have improved stealth over its recently shown Chinese built J-30. But what is not reveled is the "Smoke and Mirrors Division" (SMD) within the FC-31 capability.

Remember the troubled F-35 program in getting it right with its technologies, and now the program has brought the fusion to fruition. The FC-31 has just rolled out ten years after the F-35 made its debut. The Chinese are at least ten years behind in program development and now having a less sophisticated base version. 

The FC-31 technical muscle does not even compare with the F-22 muscle such as speed, weights and stealth. When looking at the F-35, one can quickly conclude it’s not about having twin engine performance, and payloads but about something more devious. The F-35 is about its SMD, which no one in the world has or has even begun to prove it has that capability. Sensor fusion needs a reliable power plant, and the PW-135 it that power plant driving everything F-35.

The FC-31 (China) has a long history of cheesy jet engines which may fail or cause huge maintenance attentions to keep it flying. If they have advanced its jet engine capability, then it is a baby step going forward and not a quantum leap forward which PW has mastered for the F-35.

The F-35 is not about jet muscle or armaments, as the Chinese and Russians are presenting in its respective models. The F-35 is about sensor fusion for which little is known, including the US armed services in training, whom are now learning about its "hearing and seeing" everything capability. Then it can, in a split second, manage its own capabilities striking from a long way off. Even if an adversary gets a jump on the F-35 with jet muscle, the F-35 becomes very hard to find or fight. The weight hanging on the wings of any adversary makes it a flying pig with a bull’s eye painted on its body.

The Chinese have achieved a certain amount of stealth using its own systems testing its stealthy capabilities, but it does not have a NASA like technology which the F-35 owns. China's primal engine concepts and stolen technology makes for a poor military advantage. The F-35 is built to adjust to an ever changing battle field no matter what is currently available. The FC-31 won't change the F-35 base architecture, but it will only change some of the F-35's flexible configurations using its inherent capabilities against other new or potential adversary when it emerges, such as the Chinese FC-31 newest offering. 

Remember the F-35's SMD has been at work for twenty years to get to this point and it applauds all others for its efforts as it will quietly grin at the others for having superior speed, agility and arms under wings. It becomes a just dial up a solution and fire kind of aircraft destroying all other incoming fighting antics from its potential adversaries.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Quora Asked Whose Better The 787 or A350?

"Boeing 787 is a much better aircraft at the moment. Airbus A350 was a product of a knee jerk reaction. Time will tell which will succeed however. Both the aircraft are still under development."

And goes into a brief summary of some attributes of both aircraft.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Apollo 13 Rescued By The F35

Is the F-35 a "moon shot"? Many years ago as a 17 year old I worked on a ranch in Montana with only having a radio to listen of the world. That summer in 1969 there came the Chappaquiddick incident with the Kennedy's and then a successful moon shot. Man finally discovered there was no air on the moon and its gravity was the real deal, when having only a small token of earth's gravity. Those were the golden years of youth. Riding horseback every day and hitching up the draft mules for another run at the hay fields.

Image result for The Gordon Ranch Montana
Gordon Ranch Montana. Barn where Maude and Ginny the mules lived. Road where the wolf stood.

Man went to the moon, and a politician swam the swamp saying, "it wasn't me". Americans bit the story line and I went swimming on the lake "next door". It was living in a real wilderness with grizzly bears, cougars, and wolves, even though they weren't supposed to be any wolves in Montana in 1969. They were there and I saw one every morning at 6: AM when hitching up the mules just down the trail from the barn.

Now comes the F-35, a Lockheed version of NASA's "Moon Shot". It cost hundreds of billions and it glitches as often as Apollo 13 did in its Journey around the moon during April 1970. The fighter discovers air and gravity are a real threat to its mission. The F-35 will use a vast array of new terminology like "fusion", "stealth" and "fifth Generation". It will become the foremost defense expenditure flying as a "fifth generation fighter" from this date.

Does the US really need the F-35 to only discover no one else can do it? Does fusion make a difference in the battle? Can the invisibility of stealth hide the facts about the program? All these questions will be answered in the next decade. A lot of money is riding on this "Moon shot". What I believe is not important since what facts are more important. If the F-35 makes America forget about Tom Hanks and Apollo 13, then mission is accomplished and the Universe is back in balance.

Tom Hanks script:

"Jim Lovell: [narrating] Our mission was called "a successful failure," in that we returned safely but never made it to the moon. In the following months, it was determined that a damaged coil built inside the oxygen tank sparked during our cryo stir and caused the explosion that crippled the Odyssey. It was a minor defect that occured two years before I was even named the flight's commander. Fred Haise was going back to the moon on Apollo 18, but his mission was cancelled because of budget cuts; he never flew in space again. Nor did Jack Swigert, who left the astronaut corps and was elected to Congress from the state of Colorado. But he died of cancer before he was able to take office. Ken Mattingly orbited the moon as Command Module Pilot of Apollo 16, and flew the Space Shuttle, having never gotten the measles. Gene Kranz retired as Director of Flight Operations just not long ago. And many other members of Mission Control have gone on to other things, but some are still there. As for me, the seven extraordinary days of Apollo 13 were my last in space. I watched other men walk on the Moon, and return safely, all from the confines of Mission Control and our house in Houston. I sometimes catch myself looking up at the Moon, remembering the changes of fortune in our long voyage, thinking of the thousands of people who worked to bring the three of us home. I look up at the moon and wonder, when will we be going back, and who will that be?"

Thursday, December 22, 2016

CFRP Must Have A Turn-over Quotient For Boeing

Without really understanding the CFRP financial model it is plain to every observer, at some time it is necessary to turn over a product into the heap bin. This is necessary for customers to buy more of its kind. This is an important profit engine measuring product turn-over as a quotient. Boeing was instrumental in introducing a mass production model for super-huge plastic products called the 787, 737, and then the 777X family of aircraft. Over half of the 787 is CFRP and the "others" in Boeing's production plan call for CFRP X wings and some Max things. In fact all its Boeing commercial aviation product line will have a certain degree of CFRP in its constructs.

Image result for cfrp material

What is in Boeing's plan for turn-over of said products? An aluminum can of soda even goes to the recycle bin. The average land fill garbage dump avoids burying its plastics into the ground while recycling has change the American culture by having two garbage can at the curb. One for biodegradable and one for recycling. This brings to the attention of how long will a plastic bodied airplane last before replacing it in the market place. Hanging on to plastic airplanes longer also effects the financials of a producer such as Boeing. It must replace world fleets in a timely manner in order to make profits. The plastic production plan will reach saturation in the next decade when customers can still flying the CFRP's without fatigued and a need for replacement.

A turn-over quotient becomes an important part of a manufacturer’s forecasting model and the CFRP aircraft has thrown a wrench into the typical inventory modeling coming from the aluminum aircraft. Typically a traditional aircraft will stay with a fleet of a top line commercial carrier under twenty years before replacement. Models can be based on this assumption when calculation ordering and profitability cycles. What if an aircraft last longer like a 787, then what happens to all the modeling and a saturation of commercial aviation buying market. In other words there may be a period of time when buyers don’t need to buy an aircraft because its inventory has a longer shelf-life with its 787’s fleet. "They" can just maintain it indefinitely.

Fortunately for Boeing, improvements, wear of other non-plastic parts such as engines or avionics make it replaceable and outdated for more efficient examples in the market place. No longer can a product depend on wear and tear to retire its type for a new refreshed frame. It must depend on advanced innovations for retiring any plastic airplane within a financial cycle. Waiting for plastic to age is a long, long process. The old aluminum bodied aircraft have a shelf-life and then it goes to South America or Africa for its final gig. 

However, a plastic aircraft will fly as long as parts are maintained large and small. The metal components wear out and replacements are required. Boeing will need innovative new wings, body, and systems before a 787 should be retired. The 787 could fly for fifty years before the next big thing will replace it slowing the turn-over engine for Boeing at the factory level. Hence, a new Boeing division is needed. Having a retrofit and recycling division will be needed for plastic bodied aircraft. Installing new systems, engines and innovations, while making an old 787 body sing is what it needs to do in a factory setting.

A thirty year old 787 body enters the production floor where dis-assemblers remove all pre 2020 systems and parts and replacing it with new and enhanced performance parts and systems at a smaller cost than a new 787. The innovation factor is bolted on the initial frame from the pre 2020 CFRP period. Refitted aircraft will fly more efficiently than its former iteration with all the latest features because the CFRP portion is still good for another 30 years of retrofitted service.

The turnover comes from innovations added values on new production models. The retro fitted example is a continuation of its former self for less money but a high return on the updated example. Long gone are the days of moving an aluminum bodied aircraft to the desert for retirement after metal fatigue takes its toll like an aircraft cancer. The CFRP model can be resurrected. The most critical area is an aircraft's wing area and secondly the air frame. The 777X will have an all plastic wing and its body is engineered for the long haul making this aircraft a prime candidate for aviation's refurbishment program.

The Max series was designed for turning-over, since its relative lower cost of purchase allows the customer to trade-in for a newer model ever dozen or so years as part of it operation's cost of doing business. The 300 million class of aircraft need to have the life span of the Empire State Building such as the 777X family.

In conclusion, keep the plastic out of the dump and send it to the recycle bin when making it a new 787.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

500-10: Odds Makers Lose Bet To Boeing

Boeing has reached its 500th 787 since its first delivery back in September of 2011. Boeing has assembled its first 787-10 on the "Charleston Factory Floor". The All Things 787 blog posted pictures and noteworthy statements on both events. (inhale)... Boeing is silent, perhaps waiting for end of year bragging rights, as it may announce more than these two milestones with closing order announcements, and it remains the world's largest aviation producer if that even matters.

Boeing.Photo from AllThings787

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Post #1000 Winging It, A Boeing Assignment

It all started back on October 17, 2012 with the following link 1st link ever of, below a Winging It opening salvo of witticisms with reporting. 

In a way, it is sad to say a time has come to review and regroup this exercise with a then and now opening and a closing.

Andrew Boydston "Winging It" On A Hike In Montana 2013.

After suffering a massive heart attack I was pronounced dead at the hospital emergency and then a miracle happened when my body reached room temperature. My heart started again devoid of any medical attention they were five minutes away from bagging my body having only the last electrode attached to my chest removed when a beep occured on the screen. 

The RN in charge was there as was my grieving wife when she said, "He's got a beep let's work with it".  

An observer would note the impossibility as any human aware would. The hospital death report was to be updated with the simple phrase, "Then he lived", after the report documented Mr. Boydston died at 2:30 PM June 1, 2011. The cardiac team descended on my totally blue body with a purpose. My wife who held my foot at the time of life was astounded. She let go and the heart monitor flat lined. 

The RN shouted at her, "Grab his foot you have a miracle touch".

She did and my heart once again started without any medical intervention as reported. However, so minutes had passed between death and restart, as it was determined later, I had annoxic brain injury announced by the fine attending cardiac physician, who is also my Heart Doctor before this condition. 


He said to my family, "he will not live through the cath lab" for which is necessary for any chance of his survival." 

The process of sending a cath tube with camera up my leg and into my heart would surely kill me! I passed the cath test as they discovered a blockage in one of my twenty year old by-passes. Yes, I am a four-way by-pass recover-er from 1994. The same year I met Dr. Benjamin Carson, who has since become the new USA HUD cabinet leader on PEOTUS, announced on December 5, 2016. 

I went to symposium where he was the key note speaker on heath issues. I was keen to learn after my By-pass surgery in 1994 about healthy life styles.

After making it out of the lab, My Cardiac doctor came to my wife on that same day, and once again told my wife, "I would die as two patients that day had already died after chilling the brain. 

My brain was swelling from the trauma and needed ice packed around the cardio ares and brain area to save me. The Doctor told my wife I would die there was little hope.

I made the 12 hours of treatment and the brain returned to a normal state with what is called "annoxic brain injury”, the prognosis was the high probability of being a vegetable or at best limited mental functions. 


After I made it out of the freeze my doctor disappeared from the hospital leaving this message behind to the hospital staff, "I resign and will pursue an education of being an attorney at law".

He made good on his vow and is now at the same hospital where I recovered and is a attorney for its operational functions. That was five years ago when he resigned. He finished law school in three years or less time. I have since started writing this blog during my rehab stint.

My rehab addressed memory problems and some other issues which are now solved. During rehab I couldn't even write especially with a keyboard. The therapist gave me a work assignment. Write about something you love or know about, and everything will fall into place.


I took her to heart, and started the "Winging It" blog.

To all the thousands of readers that have had the opportunity of reading this blog, thank you.

It’s been my pleasure providing aviation insight with tongue in cheek humor at the same time. I love sarcastic journalism mixed with factual information and observations. My self-imposed work assignment was to write about Boeing and other big things such as the F-35 and the USS Zumwalt Destroyer.

My own heritage goes back to the P-38 Lightening and SR-71 coming from my Uncle's journey going through wars as a fighter pilot, and Lockheed's key engineer flying the "Black Bird" from the ground.

The Boeing project is a culmination of a love for aviation and a need to exercise my wits. It is my hope, I could fuse the data noise from the aviation world as a useful tool, and I believe I have done so. Blog number 1,000 was a goal completed. The year 2017 is still up for grabs for this blog status, as I too become tired from effort but not in spirit.

I love life, and the pursuit of marvelous inventions made during the progress of mankind’s journey. In that Light, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have much to be thankful for from our progress, and much more work to be done while alleviating the world’s pain with humankind’s suffering.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day One The Grinch Wants A Bigger Gun

The DDG 1000, Americas longest and most costly Destroyer is going to get a better less expensive cannon round for Christmas. Already hailed as the most complex floating machine with a high end price tag of four billion dollars. The Grinch wants for Christmas a better gun.

Image result for ddg 1000 gun system

The Navy would not confirm any details of the change saying the change was, “predecisional.”

Huh? Predecisional!! tis the seasonal fah la la la la la la la (imaginary Christmas Tune) the Grinch will get his way as government intelligence is put to the test on this one.

The Long Range... oh well the LRLAP $800,000+ costs per rounds having a 60 mile reach would be replaced by Raetheon's Excalibur Round only going half the distance and costing just a third and will save the the national debt about two billion out a 20 trillion tab. Instead of 4 Billion spent arming the Navy ships with LRLAP's it could arm the same fleet for about 1.5 billion with 2,500 rounds of 155 mm shot. The "Let's Replace Ludicrous Artillery Projectiles" (LRLAP) program is taking a turn for Christmas.

Image result for Grinch gets a cannon

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 2: Alaska's North Pole Merges With An American Virgin

... and other news hits the wire at 10:pm. The Grinch couldn't have planned it better this close to Christmas. The Alaskan Air and American Virgin merger makes for an awkward headline when conserving headline words. The news editor gave it a thumbs up because both parties are celebrating in San Francisco and this a normal headline for the city by the bay. 

Alaska Air-Virgin America merger is in the works.
Image result for romantic Grinch

Day Three: That Free Finger Drink Could be Cancelled in Asia

Airlines in Asia are considering cancelling free alcohol on its flights over the ocean. The Grinch has found a solution for this problem. Three Free drinks are selected from a fish bowl drawing, selecting 12 Seat numbers at the start of each flight from economy. The Grinch could not be reached for comment as the story was still breaking. 

Three Free Grinch Drinks 
Image result for grinch drinks

The Grinch has slammed charging passengers for alcohol on the other side of the date line which runs through the Pacific Ocean just off Asia. He was last seen in Singapore slinging his way across the flight line before he was lifting off.

Grinch Slinging his way to his next stop.
Image result for grinch drinks

"Budget airlines including AirAsia and Jetstar, which is owned by Qantas Airways, have long tried to squeeze extra cash from customers during flights. Michael O'Leary, chief executive officer of European low-cost airline Ryanair, in 2009 suggested charging customers to use the toilet."

Day 4: Donald Trumps Attacks 150,000 Taxpayers aka Boeing Employees

Personnel attacks are never pleasant and going after big ticket costs are so popular, it’s like you are doing something without doing something. Boeing is such a victim of Donald Trump’s wrath. His “make it cheaper” mantra appeals to Billionaires wealthy enough to buy a 787 BBJ and is so "Donald". So just go do your thing before the inauguration day festivities and then shut-up until summer. I'll be on vacation by then and if I didn't hear it, it didn't happen. Vacations are special that way. The campfire eliminates those who revel in profoundness without a clue.

Image result for grinch attacks

Okay Boeing make it cheaper and my guys will come and buy one.

Day 5 Weight Reduction Extends The Terminal lines

The 787, long known for its CFRP body is making the 787 per sq foot of passenger space the lightest of aircraft in its class. Over fifty percent of the aircraft is reinforced carbon fiber constructions. Going further in key areas, all portions of the 787 have under gone a goal that every component weight matters. From the flight crews flying work space to the lack of fasteners typically found on one of its cousin's aluminum constructs. The goal was to build everything lighter and more efficient. The 787 from passenger seat materials to the soap dish amenity signals a very light behemoth considering its girth.

Airlines bid to beat their weight problem

Image result for heavy Grinch

The Grinch has just proposed a brilliant ideal that Boeing is looking into from the Jet way level. The Grinch looked at CFRP early on, and he has suggested to Boeing that all passengers in the Northern Hemisphere are lacking in a high fiber diet and could reduce weight further on the 787 by insisting all airport terminal restaurants serve extremely high Carbon Fiber Reinforced Foods (CFRF) two hours prior to boarding an aircraft, thus making the 787 drop down to its lightest "load" per seat. The Carbon Fiber Reinforce Food could reduce the weight of each passenger by 5% before boarding a 787 aircraft.

The Board of Directors of Boeing were enthusiastic supporting the Grinch's proposal. Even though there is no developed or known CFRF's, Boeing will add another Billion to its "sunk" costs for the 787 program, bringing its total going into the "hole" at 30 billion dollars US.

Day 6: Boeing Had a Parts of The Engine Failure Down Under

The 787 suffers a "two fer" on separate 787 airplanes. The parts problem is reported by the parts guy as the culprit on one GE and one Rolls engines both of which affected a Jet Star and Scoot aircraft. Another day and another lone engine problem on the duo engine aircraft. Maintainers were dispatched and fixed it.

Image result for big engine on Grinch sled

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day Seven Boeing is Ready For 137 787's

The Boeing delivery schedule documents 137 Dreamliners will be delivered making it to 500 787's delivered since keeping program statistics per AllThings787 data. The CEO of Boeing was quoted to say,

"I love it when a plane comes together"

Image result for grinch

Boeing has positioned itself for completing the year's production plan through December 20, 2016 when it delivers 787 #500 to Avianca. The Christmas break reloads the upcoming production year for delivering close to 144 787's in 2017.

Day 8: The Truth About The F-35

The F-35's truth is that nobody really knows what the F-35 really has for the US Military. Stealth, fusion, avionics and weapons. But what really is the difference maker in combat? Could it out perform a fully loaded and renovated F-18 or a souped up F-15? How about a very tricky F-16? Does the F-35 hold an edge over all of the US legacy aircraft? If one thing is known it generates more questions than answers, and that is probably its greatest strength at this time. Nobody knows what it can do in combat facing the world's best fighters. After-all that is the trillion dollar question, what can it do?

F-35 here we come 

All the pundits have since weighed in on this matter with glitchy, problematic, and costly proposals of why the F-35 fails without answering the real question of what can it do better in any category of a war fighter and perhaps we are looking at only a knight in shining armor riding on horseback facing a high tech hoard of fourth generation capability.

The answer does not come from money spent on a "Walter Mitty" program for fighting wars, it comes from a fear of losing this nation from an insane rabid adversary nipping at the doors of freedom and peace. That is what is hoped for when defending this nation and not stock holder profits for all the players in this epic tale of deceit, greed, and fraud to the American people by a few leaders of government and industry. 

The solders, employees, and supervisors really believe in the F-35 while the questions never seem to be answered about its real combat capability. The answer comes after a war is started and it’s too late to change direction when saving a nation. The secrets of the F-35 starts with trust and confidence that its people of this nation got it right instead of the greedy skimming trillions from the Taxpayers.

Whoville defended by The F-35

Image result for whoville

Monday, December 12, 2016

9 Days Of Christmas Report

The 787-9 is what you want for Christmas Cindy Lou. Already 70 orders this year even though one was a dash away eight and it will go to Tanzania and only one and nothing more for the 787-8.

Related image

Day and Night #10 Victoria-Qantas is Hot With News

When all the flight seats are flat as can be, dreams of LA dance in their heads. Qantas just announced the Victoria Melbourne out bounds and incoming clear from LA which is not so far from San Jose.

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Dateline December 13, 2016:

Image result for grinch that stole christmas

"Tickets for the new 787-9 Melbourne-Los Angeles flights will go on sale on Christmas Day. The choice of Melbourne-Los Angeles was in keeping previous statements from the airline saying the 787-9s were bought to gradually take over routes operated by the 747-400."

Day 11 Christmas Perils Comes This Way

Image result for grinch
40 % more did I hear you snore Mr. Grinch.

Of course there's a catch! Non-stop Perth to London flight 'will cost 40 PER CENT more' than a regular flight

Image result for qantas perth to London announcement 787

  • The non-stop Qantas flight is predicted to cost passengers 40 per cent more 
  • ·       Flightglobal's Ellis Taylor said the cost of carrying more fuel will increase prices  
  • ·       The 14,466km flight between Perth and London will take just over 17 hours
  • ·       Qantas said passengers will be able to book the flights as early as April 2017
  • ·       The long-haul flights are not expected to commence until March 2018
  • ·       A senior Qantas spokesperson said travelers can expect competitive prices

PUBLISHED: 18:15 EST, 12 December 2016 | UPDATED: 19:41 EST, 12 December 2016
A non-stop Qantas flight from Perth to London might be cutting travel time, but an aviation expert has warned it could cost up to 40 per cent more to fly.
The airline announced on Monday it would be taking bookings for flights direct to London from Perth from April 2017, giving Australians the first opportunity to fly to Europe without a stopover.  
But Ellis Taylor from Flight Global told 6PR Radio that Qantas would have to charge customers more because of the cost of carrying more fuel.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Starts Tonight #12

Trump thumps big ticket military items. AF-1, F-35, and Military Industrial Complex. He wants to make a deal so he draws a line in the check-book.

Trump calls fighter jet cost "Out of Control" Image result for the grinch that stole christmas

The Fifty Max Thirty 777 Role of The Dice With Iran

Yes, an Iran deal is made totaling 16.6 billion US dollars. The reconstruction of Iran's aviation infra structure is complete having both Airbus and Boeing signed in for a long wait and political turmoil period. Donald Trump, President Elect (PE), has a haphazard tweet account spewing daily remarks indicating he will make moves affecting both Boeing and Lockheed with a bloat reducing bent. The PE has also mentioned a hint at unilaterally trimming any defense bloat for all programs while building a greater military. He has not described how that will be possible.

Once in office, with all military cards on the table and the PE's vision pushing forward, a clear picture will emerge. The prediction will be a somewhat muted Trump making military cuts topped with military industrial cost retrenchments. This being achieved through order reductions. In other words fewer F-35's, fewer ships and less hors d'oeuvres traveling on the PE's new AF-1 (that would be built during his term(s)). A more likely outcome would be a capstone on F-35 numbers by 400 less by 2030 allowing time for the next chief of state to increase order levels back to original numbers.

Back to Iran, as it dangles the order book as some kind leverage against American political decision making. The US will need and want Jobs and the press will dutifully point out how many jobs will be lost if the US cancels the Iran deal or what if Iran says no thank you to Boeing as it may go all Airbus.

That fortune telling outcome will lie somewhere in between this auspicious order announcement and having new passengers terminals built in Iran by Bechtel. A lot of politics must evolve out of this announcement to become a reality, The PE's verbose tweets will settle down as reality is inserted in both the politics and the populist schools of pronouncements.

For now we must all have sweet sugar plumbs dancing in our heads forming a wishful list of final order numbers for Boeing during 2016. Starting 16.6 billion worth of 50 Max, 15 777-300-ERs, and 15 777-9X, equaling five golden rings any day.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Qantas The Morning After

The Qantas-Perth deal just featured on Winging It one day ago, wakes up this day with a headlined potpourri concerning Perth and using Qantas for a trip to London from Perth. This news starts a segue for Qantas planning into Europe. Image boatloads (787-loads) of Europeans coming to Perth and then flying on everywhere Australia in workman like manner on a Qantas jet sled.

Today, December 11, 2016 explodes the Qantas/Perth story with a Journalistic barrage of tidbits validating the Winging It Story as Qantas announces schedules and times flying on a 787-9 in 2017. The deal is done and Perth gets an airport renewal which will house the 787-9 and other 787's with a regional footprint such as Jet Star's 787-8's from a Perth hub.

Perth will be a Euro destination through Qantas, beating the Middle East rivals currently courting Australian aspirations. Perth's potential is limitless in having a mega hub for having destinations throughout Asia and the whole Pacific ring of ports.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Perth Australian Airport Will sign with Qantas for Building 787-9 Acceptance

Oh, the spider web that is spun is so complicated.  Where its time has come, and is necessary to review the story before writing an ending. Qantas once had a large 787 order book (50) and then it cancelled a boatload of its 787-9's. Next came the emergence of its subsidiary Jet Star who eventually dipped into a former Qantas order for eleven 787-8's holding 334 seats. Even though Qantas had held a huge 787-9 order for a time, it relinquished its order standing without giving up all its 787-9 options. 

Perth Airport Has A Vision and here it is Qantas
Image result for perth airport

That was about 2010, then the economic squeeze came. Allen Joyce, Qantas CEO, regrouped the Qantas financial and operational functions so it would make money. Qantas did a turn around fighting through the chicken and the egg paradox of which one will come first. They needed money to buy 787-9's, they needed 787-9's to make money.

Alan Joyce was perplexed thinking about all those lost 787-9 orders and seeing how far Jet Star took-off with its 787-8's delivered and still flying. The 787-9 is needed for its rejuvenation, was only six years ago. So goes the story line for Qantas. Money was made from changing the operational profile, even though it wanted to open long range markets where its competitors are now flying using its own new 787-9's, Qantas remained resolute. 

Alan Joyce stayed the course and watched his austerity program turn in more dollars. Debts were paid where efficiency was the source of the cash flows.

Watching others do well in your sphere of market was taking a toll on the company's composure. However, the dawn arose during 2015. Qantas was solidly in the black making a huge profit. Alan Joyce could once again look New Zealand Air and Singapore in the eye again smirking, "I bought some 787-9's, eight to be exact, and further more, fifteen are on option". Even though those numbers don't resemble the prior decade purchases and options, it represented much more. Qantas got it figured out how to make money with the hand that was dealt them.

"Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said the decision had not been influenced by Boeing's announcement earlier this week of a design issue in the 787 and further delay to the aircraft's first flight. He said discussions with Boeing about the order had started some months ago.
Qantas said it had reached a mutual agreement with Chicago-based Boeing to defer the delivery of 15 Boeing 787-8 aircrafts by four years and cancel orders for 15 Boeing 787-9s (which are slightly larger) scheduled for delivery in 2014 and 2015.
Joyce said Qantas remained committed to the 787 as the right choice for the international expansion of Jetstar, its low-cost subsidiary, and as an eventual replacement for Qantas' Boeing 767 fleet."
The above news clip documents the Qantas story for its 787-9 after starting so strong with Boeing with its 787's." Today news says:
This brings this story to the final chapter of the Qantas emerging episode. They will soon receive a 787-9 for flying to London from Perth Australia. A route opening up new opportunities for its profit engine from its Long Range division. Like all fairy tales there are antagonist going against the protagonist up until the last page. Who could see this coming from Perth of all places? They needed an airport upgrade and they won't pay for it, even for the Qantas' 787-9's sake. How unpatriotic is that? First delivery is around the corner from the long and winding story of receiving Australia's first 787-9 started so long ago.

Perth the spoiler talked with Qantas and struck a deal for its airport upgrades in order to land the Qantas 787-9. This opens up a link to the whole East Asia region for Qantas, as it will immediately make an impact going from Australia to London England. Other routes will begin to fall in place like a cascade from a house of cards falling into place, and after coming from its austere Qantas plan for making money needed for paying for the 787-9. One could say Australia has been made whole with the world of travel and Perth was the lynch pin for the Qantas emergence after coming from so long ago.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The B-21 Bomber Has Gamed The Tax Payers

First off the plate, how can a so-low bid build the most advanced bomber ever made by a company who hasn't built a big bodied aircraft in twenty years. And what's wrong with that? The second issue is called appearance of fraud. If the Air Force allows a cost plus bid to succeed in the low dollar realms, then it appears there was some doodling behind the scenes. Low bid with a guarantee of tax payers dollars paying the final price no matter how high the final price is for that said bomber is one by a favored company with strong ties somewhere between California and DC.

Image result for b-21 bomber

A bomber builder won the bid and what's wrong with that? A bomber builder who hasn't built a bomber in twenty years is what's wrong with that too? It should be awarded to those who build structures consistent to what is proposed. The B-2 is the last bomber built in 2000 totaling just 20 of its kind. An expert who builds big aircraft everyday would be a common sense awardee. No worries cost plus will buy our way into a B-21 by somebody who hasn't built a big body in twenty years. After-all it’s somebody else money not the Air Farce's.

This brings us to the final point. How can I, who is only marginally able see the misgiving of a bid process so clearly, when others so brilliant can only utter “I dunno know”, when asked, know this stinks?