Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Winging It Is Hot Again

Last November 5, 2016 "Winging It" went dark until it successfully moved to its new location in Meridian, Id. All the nerves are now taking a rest. Fortunately for the blog nothing happened that should be reported or commented about from this perspective. Thank you all for your continued use of this blog. I can now return to the duty of writing and publishing opinions, ideas and news in the aviation world concerning Boeing and its adversaries. In addition there will be the occasional articles concerning big ships, submarines and military advances such as the F-35 and the Zumwalt class destroyer as examples. My favorite submarine is the Virginia class submarine boat and its vast technologies and arms.

In time of my "moving insanity", there came brief moments of rest and renewal. A president of the US was elected. I am not political only to the extent on how it affects our national defense. If president elect, Donald Trump can achieve even half of the military vision expressed during the campaign then there is plenty to write about.

The Chinese J-20 flew at its own air show and is purported to be fifth generation. By definition, fifth generation is a stealth aircraft, then China has one. Not to be outdone by the Chinese, the US F-35 goes to fused technology for its example of fifth generation for which China has not currently demonstrated. Fused technology is the intersection of all advanced systems and technological developments processed through one media center such as the F-35 invisible mach 1.6 flying computer. The combat circle of the F-35 is from space, the deep and across the world. China may have speed and stealth with its J-20, but may not have the American technology infused into air frame.

I hope all will enjoy the research and avionic digressions of Winging It going forward.