Sunday, November 27, 2016

Boeing Order Book 2016 and MOM

Currently, Airbus lags the Boeing order book by seventy units ordered during the year to date. The net orders stand for Airbus at 395 after cancellations per Airbus website, and 465 net orders for Boeing per its website accounting. Boeing has a slight numerical lead over Airbus by 70 units. However a deeper probe is the billions on the 2016 Books only known by each manufacturer’s actual sales agreements made during 2016. Only an estimate can be made from list pricing of each manufacturers offering.

A more detailed analysis is needed... (See the musings below Fig. 1) where the billions are stacked against one another as a comparison from a financial point of view.

The unofficial chart from convoluted information which needs more work, but gives a sense Boeing will win the Year even it does not announce the MOM during December 2016.

Fig. 1

When Boeing announces the MOM aircraft, it will come with those customers known as "Launch Customer". Boeing will add about 200 orders to its books at that time judging from recent announcements with the 777X and 787-10 announcements. It will be a Boeing year even if no MOM announcement is forthcoming during 2016 and it becomes again the "World's Largest Air Framer".