Wednesday, October 12, 2016

China Southern Airlines to buy a dozen Dreamliners from Boeing Co.

The month of October has become an order saving month for Boeing another shoe has dropped from Boeing's sales effort where China Southern has ordered 12 more 787-9's. Adding to this total is the 30 Qatar 787-9's ordered last week. In total the 787 order book has grown by 42 787's in October 2016. If I were a betting man Boeing's order book is not done for the year. If you then add the 8 Dreamliners, Pakistan Air has already ordered you could say October was a 50 Dreamliner month.

Seattle Times:

"Boeing finalized an order for a dozen 787-9 Dreamliners from China Southern. The order, worth about $1.7 billion after standard discounts, brings total 787 orders above 1,200 for the first time."

Watch the Boeing Order Book adjustments at the end of October and it will go + 1200 Dreamliners ordered (1,211 by Winging It) from announced customers. Boeing is now 100 orders away from reaching a 1300 Dreamliner order bench mark for breaching the $30 Billion dollar deferred cost account it accrued during the 787’s development. It is great news for investors, now and going forward.