Saturday, September 10, 2016

LOT Is Planning A Lot of 787 Airplanes by 2020

LOT is an early 787 customer with a lot more 787 planned by 2020. Currently Lot has a Boeing score card of: All Things 787 Data

It shows Boeing has only to build two more 787-8's for a total of 8 787-8 in its eventual inventory.

However, below comes this little snippet forward from ATWonline:

"LOT Polish Airlines said it plans to more than double the number of passengers it carries annually from 4.3 million in 2015 to 10 million by 2020.
In a strategy paper, the carrier said the growth will be achieved via a combination of short-haul expansion in Central and Eastern Europe, long-haul expansion to the US and Asia, and a growing number of transfer passengers at its Warsaw hub. The plan includes growing its Boeing 787 fleet from six currently to 17 by 2020."
Clearly All Things 787 would show LOT is Boeing bound with more 787, as this above ATW quote has inferred. Seventeen, indicates nine more 787 will be affirmed soon as they can be slotted into 787 production positions perhaps an unrecorded commitment  coming from an earlier time period where it committed unannounced to 787-9's once money and flying occured.

Well, Lot is ready and by the sound of the above news flash! Lots of 787 will be added to its fleet as the article has indicated. "Winging It" will pencil in Nine 787-9's for a while and call it not a bad Boeing year at all until an eraser is needed.

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