Saturday, June 4, 2016

100 More Journals to Reach 1000 and I'll Take a Break

It’s been about 2 and 1/2 years and over 900 entries into this blog concerning aviation, Boeing and modern military marvels. I hope to complete the 1000th journal by end of 2016. If not it will be the beginning of 2017 in January. It is the journal's hope to bring interested people to the forefront of Boeing's endeavors in a biased manner. It is also this journal's intent to write about and log opinion and articles about military jets and progress. I have featured the Destroyer class DDG-1000 because it’s a modern marvel. 

The last hundred journal entries will include putting the 787-10 progressions to bed and the Boeing 777X in a complete configuration as it exits through 2016. At about the halfway point for 2016 there are many more talking points to sort through. Up to this point, it has been a challenge to include what would be interesting for this blog/journaling. However, the topics are infinite and are changing the world we live in within the framework of the Boeing products.

The transition of air travel is paced by the 787 as the A350 has too few copies flying to effect the world of travel at this time. Therefore, the 787 is changing the travel culture to anywhere, anytime and with any value for the passenger.