Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2016 Schedules 14 787's For Delivery

I often do research with All Things 787 and pull data into my own work sheets. From Uresh own website Winging It has used this data for a preview look at the Month of May, 2016. It looks as if Boeing will accomplish its 12 a month pacing with Its 90 day moving average cycle if it delivers the Fourteen 787's currently in the production Queue.

Deliveries of Note:
  • Unit build # 22 Air Austral, a first group production build for the 787 is now going to market 
  • Unit build #404 British Airways in Storage awaiting its Zodiac seats. Is now ready for delivery.
  • Unit build #419, Air China, an inaugural delivery or its first 787 with a big bow and balloons for a May Day.

 Type count for May:

·      Four 787-8's
·      Ten 787-9's