Monday, May 9, 2016

Boeing is a Fighter and Airbus Has A Punchers Chance

Boeing keeps bobbing and weaving its way through its order book and Airbus has thrown some pretty good punches staggering Boeing a bit. The 787 was a strategic move for world dominance and Airbus punched back with A350 family of aircraft. The 737 is the single aisle champion having over 9,001 737 delivered and 13,364 ordered at some recent point in time. Even though the Airbus NEO has punched its way into the Single Aisle ring, Boeing is making headway back into the fight with its Max. The goal for Boeing is Single Aisle parity in a split scimitar decision during round five. 

The undisputed heavy weight, A-380 is left shadow boxing in a corner, while the 747 became fashionably retired. Boeing the fighter, and Airbus the puncher goes to round six which brings the Light heavy 777X to the forefront. The A350-1000 or presumptive unannounced A350-1100 will not match well against the craftier 777-9X. Once Airbus fans get done screaming and cheering about its Light-Heavy's A350-1000's when purchasing its tickets, the fight will be over. The 777-9X comes through as a better fighter.

As Airbus keeps punching away with its family of aircraft types, they lack an innovative edge for a ten round fight. A lucky blow is the lost leader of the A-380 whose ship has already sailed along with the pigs that can still fly.

Airbus becomes arm weary before anything is decided. Boeing keeps circling its prey looking for an opening is the 777-9X and not the 737 Max nor the 787's blows. The fight reaches a culmination of the sum of its techniques over the numerous blows Airbus offers. The tenth round is a Boeing knockout.