Thursday, March 31, 2016

787 1st Quarter Numbers (Updated)

Boeing, during March regained some production pacing for the 787 program with 13 deliveries. This moved the over-all 787 delivered at 393 units for its worldwide fleet. The 787 footprint eclipses the Airbus 16 units for A350's delivered to date. Backlog for Boeing's 787-# slips underneath the A350-# backlog of 761 during the first quarter 2016 as Boeing has reduced the 787 backlog to a standing 746, 787's yet to be built.

Chart 1.

The ninety day moving average had a tepid quarter producing only at a rate of 10 units a month which falls below guidance of 10.667 units a month. However, Boeing has positioned itself for a 12 a month pacing the remainder of the years and should deliver about 35 787's during second quarter 2016.

Chart 2.

Chart 3.

Boeing 787-9's are progressing towards a top position during the next three year as it now has 98 787-9's delivered as shown in Chart 4.

Chart 4.

Production inventory is slightly down over its former 50 + units in process, as it now stands at only 45 units of all types in the works-in-process mode (Chart 5).

Chart 5.