Friday, October 2, 2015

British Airways Celebrates First 787-9

British Airways turn a page in its illustrious business as a leading aviation company moving people around the world. Its first 787-9 signals a jump start for its competitors that invaded London Heathrow landing in boat loads of 787 aircraft from the four corners of the earth. The 787-9 will level the playing field as:

"It is the first of 22 787-9s the airline is set to receive from Boeing, with the next due to arrive in mid-October and a further two expected by the end of the year."  Quote from: "Breaking Travel News"

Since the news on BA 787-9 arrivals has been out this week for a few days, I'll just say Boeing's lead over Airbus WB A-350 offering, is ever widening through the air. By the time Airbus goes max production its A-350 line within three years, Boeing will have already added 400 hundred more 787, equaling more than 725 flying by end of 2018. It would represent a close number of Boeing 787 flying, as compared with Airbus Current order book of 782 A-350's, and having only five A-350's delivered at this time.