Thursday, September 24, 2015

What If China Was A Launch Customer For MOM

The proverbial Middle of The Market (MOM) aircraft could be China swinging for the fences. Remember when the 757 was vogue now it's still vogue. China came to Boeing this week and got me thinking, why? Somebody must have something up its sleeve. 

The 757 segment is the last untapped Boeing resource for the decade. China has a need for people movers throughout its continent and its surrounding region. What better of a way of suppressing the demand, with becoming the launch customer of an all new clean sheet MOM. It would be a 200-270 seat oval shaped wonder-kin of Boeing. It would establish a 5,000 mile parameter for China. Seven across dual aisle seating, and as airport compliant as the 737 MAX. 

Boeing -Seeking Alpha Graphic
Keep it secret? You Betcha, you'd better keep it secret. Did China order it? No they didn't, but the caveat may have been in the 300 plane order China made with Boeing.  How about a little clause of being the launch customer when Boeing announces the new flying Oval with 777 like wings, 787 like avionics and engines and Max like Aluminum dynamics (Advanced technology wings and laminar flow characteristics installed).

Call it, ??? I'm working on the moniker. Currently it’s down to:
  • Continental Drift
  • The MOMinator
  • NapLiner
I never worked in advertising and it shows.