Saturday, September 19, 2015

Postoperative Debriefing

Everything went well as in text book well. Now it's back to limited scope work out on WI. The veritable progress of aviation’s renaissance is back on track. Since I don't follow news during in shop maintenance, it's a protocol thing, I will spend 24 more hours getting back in the saddle again. Therefore, I will relate to what's going on with Boeing. A ton of things to be exact. I am expecting another order breakthrough announcement in the next 60 days. The Dubai meetings have a pre announced slow sales activity benchmark. However, something in the month of November is percolating up even though it may be a non-Dubai activity announcement. The year's total for the 787 orders will be respectable and interesting I am stilling leaning towards a 100 787 order year by December 31, 2015.

787 production goals are going to exceed guidance. Boeing is coming in for a 2015 big finish. I am anxious on my predictions and how it plays out. Acting as a de facto Boeing executive, my laser pointer says Boeing is going to continue its positive march in forward for market share in spite of the Airbus single aisle flurry it just put together with its key single aisle customers.