Thursday, September 17, 2015

Heads-Up Display

I am sorry to announce that I will have some repair and down time! The Doctor and engineers want to install a new operating system near to the center of my heart. It will make me fly a little longer. My sarcasm and what little wit I have left was promised as an intact feature and will remain operational after this system is installed and implemented. I should be down for maybe, up to several weeks according to the KC-46 program heads. After which, I will come out with parachute packed and safety net installed. If it works, I will land back here at Winging It soon. Thanks for reading and watching in advance, over this site while I'm down. Just keep clicking, there is a lot of blogging within Winging It for your further confusion. You will just have to get back to work. There is no other way, but work, it's your job!

Last of its kind before the Jet age. A Montana Teepee burner at Fort Missoula Historical Park. A complete train set and station sits behind me. It was spectacular when they put on a log afterburner show back in the day of the lumber mill. It was a wood burning jet engine that never flew.