Friday, September 11, 2015

GE-9X Makes A Break Through With Its CMC

The 777X9 needs an engine. Boeing has chosen GE for the honors for that task. They have named it the GE9X reflecting a developmental label for the 7779X program. What is so different with this engine over the 777-300ER GE90 engine is that it will be a lighter, smaller by inches and made with stuff GE has been working on for ten years. The material is called CMC or a carbon ceramic material that is lighter thinner and heat resistant in a super-hot environment. This means, a more efficient Jet engine developing 102,000 pounds of thrust compared with 115,000 pounds of thrust with the 777-300ER. Engine Diameter will be 133.5 inches across. Sixteen blades are needed for the main fan. It will have a 10% fuel efficiency over prior models of the GE90 configured engines. A 5% improved specific fuel consumption (SFC) versus any twin-aisle engine at service entry.

Regarding the CMC testing just reported. GE has advanced its CMC materials used for fan blades and internal parts while subjecting it in duration testing and gaining such positive results it will proceed forward with those parts in the upcoming flying tests for the GE9X engine on the 747 test bed. The remark coming out of duration parts testing, indicated the materials retained a pristine composition after 2,800 hours of undergoing the duress of heat and pressures exceeding engine operational conditions. Ten years of research for the CMC material has paid off for GE. It is proceeding with making a better engine for the 777X9 program, and may spin-off more advances for the 787 program after it successfully testing out it engine building propositions for the 777-X9 program.