Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today There Are 787 unfilled 787 Orders

1095, 787 ordered and 308, 787 delivered, leaving 787, 787 to be delivered. China would be proud of these numbered sequences. Only an aviation mind-head with little to do would come up with this numbering sequence.  However in all dynamic situations the program skillet moves numbers around when the market is hot like drops of water.

Consider this a mathematical screen grab only a nitwit could report. The illustration does represent the Boeing 787 is a solid performer after so much ill attention given for its teething glitches. The three hundred and eight, 787 delivered, supersedes other programs that have come and gone in aviation's history.

DC-10, 20 year build = 446 including for both freight and passenger.  
L-1011, 16 year build= 250
B-787, 4 year build=308

While working on several other several other scribbles, the research never stops on the 787 and this is a prime example. The 787, benching at 308 units delivered, is no particular mark, but it was time to note how far the program has gone since first delivery in the fall of 2011. 

In a tribute to the 787 Having Fire and Hail
For your enjoyment, James Taylor, in one of my favorites.