Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Culture Changes With Each Step Taken

Since 1876, where Alexander Graham Bell and his partner displayed the efficacy of the telephone for the world. The planet found that it could not function without absorbing its functionality. Life sped up to the speed of light waves or electricity through the phone. Computers quickly adhered to its wires and have quickly displaced Bells innovation going wireless. Our culture changed with this happen chance of invention for centuries to come. This was a human sea change for all cultures around the world. Not since this invention has there been many supper innovations that somehow made a pathway through without its having some direct or indirect affiliation with the concept of communicating through the transmissions of bytes, and audible sounds.  The world now depends on it for its existence.

Another change has happened in 2011, the first commercial delivery of the 787 to ANA and Japan Airlines. However, one would think airplanes have been around since the Wright Brothers and their peers flew. The Moon shot has not carried as many passengers or have gone as many millions of miles as the 787. What makes the 787 remarkable is that flight after about 100 years had not stepped through a threshold that the 787 achieved. Even with Jet engines invading the culture since world war II, it does not affect the culture more than the 787 will, when going forward. The moon shot taken by Boeing was not glorified nor was it idolized as this century's premier achievement. It still remains a significant change for the world's culture. Nigeria would like to enter the 21st century with the 787 family of aircraft as an example.

The cell phone is a cultural spin-off of the original Bell phone in concept of communicating. They are mini computers, phone, entertainment centers and so forth. They can read your power ball ticket through an app and tell you if you are a winner. The cultural shift keeps on chugging forward with the phone.

The 787 will also keep on chugging forward because its made of new material never before used to in the extent it has been added for commercial airlines. Its interface with Graham Bells invention is the majority  of the aircraft systems. Graham Bell started the revolution for every forth coming invention related to the interface of systems on the planet. The world system is the secret partner to innovation and refining what flies. All of Boeing's systems relate back to the first phone in 1876. The 787 is the next step which will change the culture for centuries to come. The Aircraft 100 years from now will blend the plastic constructs with metal interfaces for a higher performance. Perhaps fossil  fuel Jet engines will be replaced with plasma or electric power. But because of the 787 the step enables progresses in travel to continue. The culture is changing because of long legged routes and motive efficiency contained in the step, the 787 has achieved.

There are parts of the world that don't have cell phones, there also parts of the world the 787 doesn't reach. However, a smaller aircraft is now feasible that can go the distance to far reaches where cell phones don't exist and 787's don't land. The culture quickly catches up no matter an obstacle and changes.

Do you ever think if you could get more done in a day with a wall mounted pay phone on street corners? Do you ever go to the library to look up the news when its on your mobile device already? Finally, do you every dream about flying from Denver to the Orient when 15 years ago that wasn't likely?