Thursday, August 27, 2015

The 787 Couldn't Wait For This Battery

The battery gauntlet was thrown down by both Tesla and Boeing products. The explosion and fire exposed the battery technology in its Li infancy. Japan has pondered about a new battery invention and said the Li could be done better. MIT has weighed in with Samsung where a hypothesis of a solid state battery for its ultimate battery answer. It is a virtual forever battery. Another group in the Carolina's have devised  a concept in the lab. Many more scientist are in search of the "Fountain of Battery Youth".

The latest statement comes from MIT, "MIT and Samsung scientists claim that using solid-state batteries will be much safer, as well as more effective, holding 20 to 30% more charge, rather than the existing liquid electrolyte. "  

Thanks to Boeing, its battery fires, and explosion; a whole new battery pursuit was spawned because of those problems. To the winner comes the patents and fortune for all of industry. The scientist see the possibility, and when they see it they can't stop obsessing on it.  The DNA found in explorers does not stop at failure nor do road blocks detour the straight line results within an explorer's findings.

The Boeing Battery Solution it needs is coming in the next decade with the appropriate cashier check amount in hand.