Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Know Your Airplane Not The Old Fashioned Way

Passengers for years have boarded aircraft the modern way. Not looking at the serial number painted on the body and not caring about a particular airplane build. It's a mind numbing experience sitting in the seat and thinking, have I ever been on board this aircraft before? Well ANA has gone one step up by making a cruise ship type experience for its flag ships falling into line with the selected 767, 787-9, and 777 300-ER. They are personalizing the aircraft. ANA is painting themes for the livery. Now passengers can get excited through recognition of an prticular aircraft.

The instantaneous response,"we're going on R2-D2 again, or its BB-8 the new Star Wars character!" This is a lot more passenger-airplane connecting than using a serial number like 34485, This is ANA's oldest built 787-8. Who can remember a serial number except Aviation geeks, and they often have to do a look-up. Now geeks can use a camera without a zoom lenses hanging heavy.

Courtesy ANA Photo 

Image having a ticket labeled by the aircraft theme name instead of just numbers. ANA is leaving the numbers for the professionals surrounding the aircraft during operations. However, the theme livery and naming convention is the ANA new expression. Many airlines have named its airships with prominence such Ethiopian's 787-8 "Queen Of Sheba".

ANA has taken it a step further by added a thematic livery matching the Ship's name. Only the vertical stabilizer remains ANA's flag, as a brilliant consideration for its corporate identification. In addition the livery scheme is set aside for its most prominent aircraft like the 777-300-ER type or the 787-9. 

As a passenger, bonding with an aircraft through recognition is an intrinsic relationship. ANA is going to great lengths for its passengers to bond with specific airplanes parked on the flight-line. Airplane spotters are also a sub-genre who often write about seeing special livery markings. ANA uses a  form of free advertising for a company wanting to spread the news of its arrival. Anytime an airline can obtain recognition, it is positive for the bottom line. Gaining  a customers bonding for a particular aircraft is establishing a subliminal relationship beyond its serial number stenciled-in on a panel. This becomes an edge in the market place for ANA. The deal with Disney is a brilliant strategy.