Monday, August 31, 2015

Boeing 787 Numbers Dogs Competitors

It is time for the end of August 2015, numbers. Boeing has hit its stride on the 787 family of aircraft. It has four months remaining in 2015 to exceed 2014 production. So far the 90 delivered is only 24 units away from the 2014 benchmark of 114 787 delivered during 2014. Boeing will easily exceed that number by ten units with an expected total of 124, 787 delivered during 2015.

The 90 day moving average is a clean way at looking at productivity sustainability over the ebb and flow of production surging or stoppage. This view indicates a consistent measure for Boeing's guidance over each of its twelve monthly views framing 90 day averages. Did Boeing deliver 10 a month as expected? The short answer is yes. In fact Boeing delivered 14, 787 during August beating guidance by four while averaging 12 a month over 90 days. It beat its own guidance by 2 a month over this seasonal average during the summer.

The grand scheme of Boeing things are needed a quick view. Keeping an eye on the Boeing production Juggernaut is an important stock issue it will tell you the path to its dominance goes unabated.

Once again by years end it is most likely it will exceed the 2014 numbers set at 114, by going solidly north of 124 units delivered in 2015.

The by model pace has quicken for the 787-9 as they are rapidly becoming the feature 787 type for 2015 as they are half of the 787 delivered this year and should eclipse the 787-8 for the year during 2015 as "delivered type of the year".

The 787 egress flow is demonstrated by 48, 787 available from production, or are currently flowing through the floor. Ten units counted are "terrible teens" or production units awaiting its customers coming from a Change Incorporation and rework status. Thirty-eight units are in WIP status which should remain constant from month to month as units are loaded into production and others are delivered.