Monday, August 10, 2015

A Retreat is Ordered By Airbus Its Moving Its Australian Sales Kiosk Home

Qantas is no longer talking to Airbus over crumpets in Australia. Boeing is smacking Airbus around the South East Asia region. The Airbus Kiosk is just like the one at the mall which has few curious people walking by its brochure rack, only staffed by a sales person sitting on a stool. 

Its back to Paris for regrouping. Airbus moved its Pacific sales head back in an obvious retreat from a region, since it has not made headway against Boeing.

The Sydney Morning Herald:

What does this all mean? It means that Airbus is regrouping its campaign and strategy on how it will handle the Dreamliner, the Max and the 777X anywhere. The age of Boeing commonality has struck Airbus in its wheel house. Fold the tent and come home. Airbus is in retreat for a while, "call me" is the sign hung right below the For Lease sign, the building owner has hung. 

The same question above is what does this all mean? The second part of this answer, Boeing has accomplished what it stated in the last ten years, and Airbus thought it not possible as if Boeing were doing some awefull boosting, ala Airbus style. They can't, they won't, and its impossible. to do... what did they say? All Airbus thought was we can do the A-350 in sub Dreaming state. Airbus stamped NEO on anything existing and convince its duped customer base with technological platitudes. Boeing was stranded with earning market place loyalty on its comeback. Out comes the Max on paper. It has become a furious paper airplane war between the Max and The NEO. It has become a not so furious paper Airplane war between the 777X and the A-350 / A-380. The 787 is everything the A-350 can't be. It is still mounting orders while the A-350 family stalls at 780 orders. The 787 is currently 1095 orders with multiple 787 orders hanging on the clock of discussions and agreements. By years end this story will gain a validation from the Boeing order book. 

In fact Airbus is losing orders, the longer the airplane wars are fought, rather than gaining orders. The market must know something that outsiders like me don't know. The common Boeing theme is better, than a common Airbus theme, and it shows in its type orders from top to bottom. Even though Airbus held a one year NEO start-up order barrage over the Boeing Max decision coming later in the market sequence, it has since encroached into the Airbus market turf during the last year. Given time for a choice, a customer leans towards Boeing in more cases. Where in the beginning it was a run on the Airbus order book without Boeing having a counter point. It now has become pack your bags and go home Airbus.