Monday, August 24, 2015

A LAN Trip on the 787-9

The potential is realized on this trip from New York to Santiago. Airways magazine bring the picture to full view from one its writers who experienced the the ride on the 787-9.

Meeting New LAN Airlines’ 787-9 Dreamliner

  August 3, 2015

SQ_ - 3

In case an airline geek missed this little travel nuance, LAN is ready to roll with the 787-9. The link above provides a nice preview of that roll out for its first 787-9.  The keys that appealed to me were the 313 seats it offers. LAN intent is to fly from Santiago to Sydney with this model. Impressive segment. The current 787-8 requires an Auckland short fall before continuing . The 787-9 will flyover Auckland onto Sydney. The seat count doesn't change.

The nine's dynamics are incredible on what it will do for LAN, and how it will impact the regions at both ends. Its sisters airline TAM sit over the Andes and has ordered the A-350 for its fleet. It will be interesting in a dual how the makers compare with similar operations. That will become fodder for future discussions on product comparison. Until Airbus establishes itself as a constant in delivery for its aircraft the blog sphere will wait.

Enjoy today's reading assignment from Airways.