Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Winging It Center For 777X Wings

Eureka, The 777X is being built as stands. A complete composite making Wing Center in Everett emerges right before the camera. It's the first tangible evidence the 777X is under construction. The Winging It center will open in May 2016 per Randy's Blog. Proof of progress is the picture below:

Randy's Journal Boeing Photo

What this rapid build means is Boeing is firmly on the investment clock for its next greatest advancement of its aircraft product line. The 27 acre floor is a small horse ranch sized parcel. The bottom of the ceiling beams reach 65 feet high and the roof is 50 feet higher than the initial beam height. It would be the equivalent of twelve stories high as found in most buildings.

Boeing-Randy's Journal Photo
"Autoclave This" goes into the building; Note the 6' step ladder in lower right corner of photo.

It is an enjoyable journey watching the build process on Boeing's next accomplishment. Thank-you Randy for sharing the ride with all of its followers.  Randy's Journal Link