Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Does 767 FEDex Order Do For Boeing's 767 Military Industrial Complex

Fedex came into a 50 plus 50 plus and another 56 on order this week. All of them, 767's, not yet built.

  • 56 Ordered originally not yet built
  • 50 just ordered not yet built
  • 50 on option if it wants more at a frozen price.
In total 156 potential 767 has just fueled Boeing's industrial complex. It will take another fifteen years of 767 production just on the Fedex side of production. In the meantime 179 KC-46 tankers are yet to be built by Boeing, you know it as the frame from the 767 with 787 avionics. I would think the next 767's for Fedex will have 787 Avionics.

Another point in all this excitement, is time itself. Give the military another ten years, and they could come up with additional uses on the 767 frame. A dedicated cargo hauler, troop hauler, or a battlefield command center. Not only including installing AWACS capability it could be an airborne drone management and command center. The 767 could launch 100 missiles during a conflict before having to reload. Is could be a missile magazine in the sky with 10 circular missile magazines auto loading and sending ten guided missiles per missile magazine out of  a belly shooter from the 767 frame.  All this is done at Mach .85 or about a closing speed of 550 NM/hr while shooting a 2,000 mile an hour missiles at any and every target found within a hundred mile circle from the 767.

In this military fantasy there would be a crew on deck at multiple display stations or on the ground signaling the flying 767 via satellite, executing target guidance. Or launching flying drones to its field of operation during the duration of a mission. Drone recovery could be both at pre positioned sea bases or land base. The high ground launch extends the drone efficiency 

I am only just getting started with 767 ideas since it will keep producing until 2030. The military should warm up its "idea people too". The 767 will carry what is needed even if re-engined in the next reiteration of tanker platform, as it becomes a purpose built heavy duty support platform that can fly 5,000 NM.  It could be the first off shore missile bomber built.

The 767 is hard core.