Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vietnam's Chief General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong Shakes Hands on Trade

Vietnam political arm has met the US on US home ground today in DC. The back drop happens to be Vietnam's Airline 787-9 sitting at JFK waiting for customer delivery after the big ceremony photo ops. More telling is the backroom discussion which needs Vietnam's government approval for its next big order in the offing. It is mentioned in talks, with inclusion of eight 787-8 and eight 787-10's for ordering by Vietnam Airline. The deal may have been already been struck during this event, as high government officials are present. Vietnam Airlines needs government approval before validating a deal with Boeing. All the participants are currently in DC this week. This is only unconfirmed speculation that another deal was struct with Boeing.

Spectacular Washington DC Fly-by for Vietnam Airline 787-9
Vietnam Airlines' first Boeing 787-9 flies past the Washington Monument. (Boeing)
   Photo Boeing

Already Vietnam Airlines have bagged confirmed deals for 19 787-9's of which one sits in DC during this auspicious occasion. It will be delivered later in July. The DC parked bird went to Paris and back thrilling the crown with its versatility in its air demonstration. This 787-9 also flew over DC showing everyone, its capability, with the same amount of awe for this dynamic aircraft.

A summary of everything Vietnam Airlines has accomplished so far:

19  787-9 ordered and one awaiting customer pick-up
8    787-10  sale not yet closing, awaiting Vietnam's approval for confirming
8    787-8    sale not yet closing, awaiting Vietnam's approval for confirming

Total Fleet alignment when all transactions are complete: 35 787's for Vietnam Airlines.