Monday, July 27, 2015

Somewhere In The paper Work Is The 300th 787 Delivered

Boeing now has delivered the 300th 787 but today also marks the 302nd 787 delivered when just this early morning they showed only 297's on books, out of this afternoon's adjusted total of 302 units in customers hands. Yesterday the stock price  went up on the "corporate writing pens commodity", as the auto pen machine handled initials all over a ream of Boeing paper-work. Four 787's were delivered today, of which one of its number became the distinguished 300th 787 delivered.

July 26th:

Customer Name, Type,    delivery #

Air Canada      787-   9-         298

July 27th:
Etihad              787-  9-          ?
Vietnam           787-  9-          ?
ANA                787-  9-          ?
United              787-  9-          ?