Friday, July 3, 2015

Modernizing The Potential With A Military Perspective.

Not often does something come along which revolutionizes the culture. Human kind is on the cusp of something new all the time. Is it the next bicycle, airplane or military concept? It’s all three and can be had for the convenient price of $80,000 dollars (SRP). Today I am in vacation mode, where blogging can only consider fun and ingenious concepts. The month of July could be lousy for sarcasm, snarkiness and intellectual contribution concerning Boeing stuff. I can't hate on Airbus during July. I will be fishing, BBQing and with relatives. The rest will come naturally. Check!

However, it will include a summer reading link for all electronic reading. My son pointed this link out to me, and it’s already consumed a week of one of my precious last summers that I may have, as I age on dude!

Summer Must Read -link:  ALPHA FOXTROT

Summer Vacation Starts Here: At Flathead Lake Montana. Looking from my Sister's Abode View from the upper back deck. Bucket List Check!

­­­­­­Next in the Montana on the Winging It Vacation, is camping at Glacier Park and reuniting with family, for the pure joy of listening to how others live in camp grounds the right way.  ;) Another lousy vacation picture of the Glacier that I remember from Last year's trip is now yours to cherish. It’s really outstanding at the Park. Shhhh don't tell anybody. It's our secret. Bucket List Check!

I won't tell you about where this picture is even taken, but its in a small gorge coming from a Lake about two miles away having a surrounding of water falls from every cliff dumping into the Lake. 



Below are Headwaters to Above Picture: Avalanche Lake Shhh!

Image result for Avalanche Lake Glacier

If I come back ("If": means I got stuck in MT) or when I come back (I'm coming back to Boise already) there will be more Boeing static to go over. I will be rested, tanned and mosquito bitten. My personal guarantee! Just make sure you treat my hover bike well and don't fall off.