Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Make Flying Fun and Passengers Will Come.

An Airline Like Scoot has captured an inspired theme with its Yellow Gold livery. It has to compete with the Big Boys and Girls of the sky. By 2019 it will have Twenty 787 of both types supplanting its former fleet dichotomy.

Image result for Scoot 787-9

Fly Scoot.Com starts the fun theme. Tech savvy customers see the nuance in the .com painted on the airline. The 375 seat 787-9 has a party theme of everybody is here for the party. The 335 passenger 787-8 seating theme, is about: "shush, don't tell anybody else, we're good". The party is started when the bright Yellow/Gold lands. Everyone not flying on Scoot notices the illuminated incursion on the flight line.
787-9 375 Seats

This isn't the first time Winging It has featured a Scoot photo or aircraft and it won't be the last time. I also had a hankering for Ethiopian's 787's, when it took off. What caught my eye is its livery that just looks like fun "E" ticket ride. Scoot is considering going west as far as London. It was or is, a small airline on the grand scheme of things. It's rubbing shoulders with the China barrage of options in the region. Qantas is also looking over its shoulders whether to order up 787-9's.

787-8 335 Seats

However, Scoot is making it possible for its plan now, with its handful of 787 in Scoot Livery. It looks fun flying Scoot. It turned my head in an airport full of Blue hued aircraft liveries sitting idol while waiting for passengers. I just wanted to fly on the Yellow-Gold Bird. I wanted to change my ticket to the yellow livery, and have a little fun. I'm an impulsive traveler. with a penchant for loyalty with what works. Yellow-Gold really works on my brain.