Thursday, July 30, 2015

KC-46 Will Not Be Your Father's F-22 Procurement Debacle

Boeing is making serious moves in its demonstration for the DOD, why they choose Boeing wisely. What's at stake is not the KC-46 Pegasus program, but a genuine effort in preparation for the next Boeing bid. Part of that preparation is company integrity, leadership and delivery of mission accomplished. Boeing is stepping ahead of any avalanche coming down from on top of them during the KC-46 project.

Normally, writing about the KC-46 is a summer past time, but this is really an important change in corporate responsibility coming from Boeing. They really can't stand Airbus and its A-330 offering for a tanker. Scott Fancher, the company's head of development programs at Commercial Airplanes, is standing in the middle of the KC-46 program for one purpose, and one purpose only. Deliver the program on time exceeding all military expectations for this tanker.

This is the corporate specialist on board, and will be taking names and overseeing the program. Nobody is on the hot seat, yet! He is Boeing's point man for mission accomplished. Something important is going on in Boeing's scheme of military thing's and the KC-46 is the stepping stone to that import goal. Perhaps a sizable drone contract has an unannounced RFP in the formation, and Boeing wants to add a due diligence criteria coming from completing its KC-46 Pegasus mission, as on time and meeting all expectations.

Boeing Shuffles Leadership for Struggling KC-46 Program

By Aaron Mehta6:21 p.m. EDT July 30, 2015  Defense News