Monday, July 27, 2015

EX-IM: The X's and Ohhh's Team Meeting

Boeing is the unwanted guest as the congressional table for funding the EX-IM; Vision: Give equal opportunity for world competitor's through gaining financial access to American trade good's, otherwise fair competition would not exist with the world's market place.

EX-IM Mission summary: Ex-Im Bank, an independent, self-sustaining federal agency, helps create and maintain U.S. jobs by filling gaps in export financing and strengthening U.S. export competitiveness. The Bank provides a variety of financing products, including working capital guarantees to help small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, export-credit insurance to protect against nonpayment by foreign buyers, and loan guarantees and direct loans to assist foreign buyers of U.S. goods and services.

Sounds reasonable, what's not to like? This was at the small business level featuring a discussion of how small business can grow from third world regions accessing US markets.

The EXIM vision Seminar  you must read it to discuss it. Otherwise forgetaboutit!!

The Congress has politicized this notion in a Frank Sinatra way by "Doing It My Way", lyrical rebuke, while not extending the EXIM in 2015. Boeing says, "these are our customers your talking about" "Kapeesh?" A liberal likes it and that's good enough for a conservative to say no! So Conservatives checked the vote for and against list twice and voted no more EXIM funding, just because, thinking is so hard when you are in congress.