Friday, June 19, 2015

Winging IT With "Jethro's Bodine", Paris Orders On The Table, Ciphered

Accounting Note:
Boeing has book numbers on its Confusing as they present it, since my numbers don't reconcile, I have presented one last time a snap shop from press reports. My bad! However, I wanted to bring clarity to the issue of money in play from purchases to options tabled. The categories are self explanatory. The money are optimum book numbers and don't represent signed on values only an advertised list price. Even though I keep posting Paris numbers, the silly changes are interpretations coming from many sources, so it becomes who said what issues. Even though I made a good faith effort to round up a correct summary, it becomes a close accounting call, depending on what method. Boeing may have couched the show numbers. Here are my numbers which will be fleshed out by the end of the year. On to Dubai with more wide bodies in play. Boeing's body-of-work for 2015 is the final indicator for whose boss in 2015. Winging says Boeing Production wins and Orders remain a ? mark but will be close. Only the final dollar count will be the actual tie breaker in 2015.