Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paris Day III Order Fight Moving to Dubai

You heard it from "Winging It" first, the Order Book Fight between Boeing and Airbus will now move to the desert, where the big boys slug it out in the sand late in the fall of 2015. The Dubai Airshow is November 8-12, 2015. Also pending, is the 100 Emirates medium sized wide body aircraft. Boeing says they have 787-10 thrust Emirates needs at desert temperatures exceeding 110 degrees F. Maybe so, when you consider wing lift and body weight on the 787 design. The A-350 has plenty of power burning out of its engines stern. Oh, if only a 787-10 was flying today it would be simple to answer Emirates thrust angst.

Six Ethiopian 787's were identified at the show, coming from a former undisclosed customer announcement.

The thrust issue is important to Emirates as it will load its airplanes on hot days with extra people and luggage. The lift and thrust of an aircraft drops off significantly in the heat. The old rocket adage comes into to play, "you can fly a brick with enough thrust". Boeing meets its efficiency claim with less thrust on the 787-10 which is perfect for Northern climates. Emirates claims it’s less than optimal for its heat. They want optimal for their aircraft.

Boeing doesn't want to have to install, an all-new thrust heavy aircraft for one customer. It's a dilemma for both. Emirates doesn't want the A-350-9 as a solution, but will go there if ignored.

The line in the sand has been drawn at the Paris Airshow. No thrust no sale. A solution comes in various packages. One, Boeing needs its test 787-10 flying sooner than its current readiness, demonstrating its claim the 787-10 is extremely adequate for all flight conditions. Secondly Emirates must quell its horse power thirst for a muscle aircraft. They have analyzed the efficiency drop for more thrust is not enough of a penalty for spoiling competitive operation. They would like a low ball bid on high performance (power) engine beyond the necessary realm, you know it as global warming anxiety. This would be on Boeing's Dime to give more horse power to the 787-10. Emirates, of course would want a special price from Boeing.

Boeing ponders how they can win the sale without moving the line in the sand. 70,000 lbs. thrust makes the grade with some to spare no matter the earthly conditions. You don't need 80,000 lbs. thrust with the 787's wing and weight. Didn't you see it (787-9) take off at Paris? "Well the 10 will be more thrilling because it’s longer!"

Emirates, wants to tell its friends it has more horsepower because they are rich and horsepower unused is a rich thing when traveling to the airport in front of your friends. It’s the same thing when you drive a V-12 sports car to the car show instead of your VW. Boeing needs to change its image for its 787-10 with a less is more campaign. Much like selling a self-winding watch. It’s just better not to wind when don't have to wind the watch. If this makes any sense at all then you are ready to go to Dubai.

Boeing needs to build image on a less is more theme. Impressions sometimes are greater than thrust itself. Emirates has to be turned away from its raw data coming from the past, to the new data spawned out of the 787 program. Taking-off at 130 degrees F made simple, An Australian 787 Test Primer. It is a good read. How good will the 787-10 be? Working in reverse of the thrust number rates the 787-10 for its efficiency, and performance. When all things are considered, it’s claimed to be so good it only needs 70,000 lbs. thrust per engine. Where the other usual suspects need much more than that, as Emirates has assumed.