Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Innovation Stupid

Boeing slipped up and showed Airbus its strategy at the Paris Airshow. Boeing innovation at full bloom. Hewlett-Packard once had the "Innovate" Vision. It worked and worked then came Carli Fiorina and change the logo from "Invent". Its an urban legend, and it reads well, so I added it to this blog story. However, Airbus was just as impressed with the Vietnam Airline 787-9 Show as were the Parisians attending. Boeing out innovated Airbus at this show. Boeing will continue out innovate Airbus for some time to come. Airplane Customers are starting to get It! The Moses Lake "air adventure", you know before the Paris Airshow video, was filmed at three different angles using a You Tube innovation.

You Tube Choose Your View

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Shows Off ahead of Paris Air Show 2015

Innovation strikes at the heart of the Boeing 787 program and its beginning to show. Even at the Paris Airshow it showed by out innovating Airbus. The Vietnam Airlines 787-9 went up, down, and around in spectacular fashion. During the Moses Lake practice Boeing partnered with You Tube with three camera angles of the famous 787-9 practice run (see link above). Innovation is seeping into the travelers awareness from Boeing's 787 with 11 million Youtube and news views in one week with just a practice run of "Boeing's Innovation 787 Moment".

Boeing Innovation is the subliminal nuance in every 787 flight. It winning over passengers and airline customers without cognizant recognition with a steady stream of smiling and pleased passengers, who don't even know why they are smiling when they arrive at their destination. Remember they breathed fresh air without the taint of Jet A fumes. Other new airplanes, like the A-350 can't claim that nuance or innovation.  Airbus hasn't mastered what Boeing has mastered.

Another subliminal innovation with the 787 is found in its wings, computers and actuators. The ride over the Rocky Mountains is smooth with nary a bump in your napping. The systems detect rough air and automatically adjusts wing trim making smoother flight while colliding with nasty wind chops at 550 MPH. The passengers didn't notice the subliminal innovation only to note it seems the 787 airplanes always fly routes with the best weather, and other airlines seem to always fly in rougher air.

Boeing innovated with slick air. What the heck is "slick air"? It comes from a laminar flow technology of which you will not notice boarding a 787-9. Leading edges on some flight surfaces took its golf game to new heights. The dimples found on golf balls made their way on Boeing wings in a patented formation. The Airbus A-350 hasn't got there yet, but now they need to do it the old fashioned way through copy right infringement methodology. Laminar flow makes wind sliding by the lifting surface, non abrasive, and reduces significant drag and fuel burn. That's why a passenger will fly from Australia with 300 friends to Dallas, TX, or somewhere in South America just because they can with Boeing's innovation, which they are not probably aware of yet.

Noise is not the issue with Boeing, since its innovation is built into the 787 frame. The A-380 is noted for its quiet manners because passenger are mostly removed from the source of engine noise and moving parts. Its just that big you don't hear what's going on downstairs or two blocks behind the noise. Airbus did a great job of isolating its passenger from sources of noise. Having said that politely, I move to the 787 where they do not have the luxury of separating passengers by distance from the noise, so they had to stop making noise in the first place. First came the engines noise that had to be knocked down by many decibels by multiple innovations. The engine inlet cowling was redesign and chevrons at the back of engine cowling was an added as sound deadening innovation. GE and Rolls developed Plastics in the fan blades, dampening engine decibels. The multiple innovations from frame builder and engine builder gave passengers quiet conversations again without every passenger hearing any loud conversations. It became another subliminal feature born out Boeing and its partners of innovations.

Fresh Air, smooth ride, and quiet comfort are all brought about uniquely, from Boeing's innovation closet. Going farther on tank of fuel and then maintaining the aircraft from its airborne systems and reporting, keeps your time at the airport at a 99% better level of performance worldwide. When you view the 787-9 Paris Airshow practice video, Its all about the innovation Airbus couldn't touch at the show. People are starting to get it. Boeing is about making it best. Passengers just want to get to their destination smiling without realizing why.