Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Flight Global Feature Article Caught the Wind.

Winging It is scabbing the Flight Global article today? Because it realizes a Boeing prediction about the 787.

A380 does not work for United: CFO

"United Airlines chief financial officer John Rainey says the Airbus A380 “doesn’t really work” for the airline’s network, driving its preference for smaller widebodies like the Boeing 787.

“We’ve looked at that and we are looking at it right now [but] it just doesn’t really work for us,” he says on the European superjumbo in an exclusive interview with Flightglobal in Chicago today."
Why does this happen to have legs? Boeing said so in 2004, the 787 philosophy is point to point and the Airbus A-380 Hub Jammer is counter intuitive of the efficiency model.  The 787 has been a hub Buster since its announced program gained legs back in 2004.

Now United affirms the A-380's hub jamming with the super giant is not in its own vision's statement's view: 
United Vision Statement:
Through our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, we find innovative and effective solutions (787) to engage employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures in taking our flyer-friendly service around the globe (787). We are driving to become recognized as an airline where:
  • leaders embrace Diversity and Inclusion as a business advantage (on the 787)
  • employees feel highly valued, are actively engaged and are treated with dignity and respect (while loving the 787)
  • customers value our inclusive approach to delivering flyer-friendly service (as part of the 787)
How does this vision statement tie back to No United A-380's ordered? The answer comes back from Boeing's vision for the 787 and its mission. Point to point travel is the optimal convenience for every traveler. The 787 can land and take-off with a medium sized footprint of a 8,000 foot runway near you and go around the world. The A-380 is limited  by thickness of the tarmac as well as its space consumption, so it seeks out the super hubs in the desert kingdoms of the Middle East and the handful in European stops like Frankfurt and London-Heathrow.

United affirms the A-380's is a hub jamming monstrosity as a super giant, is not in its vision's statement's view; where it seeks going around the globe making every airport inclusive within its vision.