Monday, June 8, 2015

"Before Paris" An Epic Movie Of The Real Show.

Posturing, posing and primping in front of the mirror is the Paris Air Show, even before it even happens.

Air Manufacturing sometime poses its order book and postures any calamity before the big event.
Articles about the A-380 order book slump shows up, and orders are missing from Boeing's website from a China order on single aisle 737's. Boeing claims its up to the customer to announce its order. Airbus claims its customers who are in love with the show, and save the pomp and ceremony demonstration for the show.

The reader of such events get lost in the hyperbole and couched information streams, which is spewing forth, as if from some kind of aviation lava fountain in a cheap motel. The plot thickens as the show draws near. Can Boeing top the airshow again with the Vietnam Airlines 787-9 aerial display?

The Last Big Show in 2014 (Farnborough) the test 787-9 stood on its tail during take-off. It flew around waging its wings at the crowd as if it where a fighter jet from the US AF Blue Angels. This movie plot comes from the pre-show time frame, reminds me of the Movie "State Fair 1946-62" or "Giant, 1956". What kind of drama explodes before the Paris Air show. It must compete and surpass having a tense Texas ranch reunion movie with lots of oil spewing out of control.

The five Qatar A-350's flying in formation supersedes the 200 Japanese style lanterns hung on fifty bicycle handle bars at Pollyanna's Community Bazaar as shown in the Disney Movie.

Hollywood Cheese is Bigger Than Paris Cheese Watch Giant in the trailer with Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor

Giant Cheese Trailer

State Fair Has Animals and a Airplane Ride

Ether way I can't wait for the actual Paris Airshow posturing posing and primping before the cameras.

What will they say? What will they announce after shaping the order book for announcements? It's an effort to appear better off than the last Paris extravaganza two years ago and far better form than its main competitor in aviation salesmanship . Is it more carnival than circus? The pre-show story suggest yes it is that very thing, a Giant French made carnival. Enjoy Paris everyone for the hype alone. After all its Paris and not Texas.

Giant Food Is On Display With This Clip: No A-380 in Background sorry :(