Sunday, June 7, 2015

787 Sunday Notes

Do you realize the 787 has reached some sort of program maturity where the past is finally past and the future steps up to its original promise, without any development problems. The numbers tell the story. Winging has a statistic which surveys the 787 landscape of accomplishment.

Fig 1:

Fig 2:

Figure 2 numbers tells of the ever expanding 787 foot print, by adding those production frames that are within 60+/- days of delivery. The production aircraft are either setting-up during staging for production , or are already in the advanced stages of production. This should be an end of July delivery estimation, as found in this chart's Totals column.  It is a rough prediction of Boeing program delivery progress. Suggesting about 339 787 will be airborne in late August. This snapshot predicts 49, 787-9 and 290 787-8's will be carrying precious payload by end of August.  End of 2015 should tally close to or over four hundred 787 plying the skies of the world. 

Use this summary as a 2015 mid-point, before the Paris Airshow, demonstrating Boeing's production acumen. In a short amount of time (since 2011), Boeing has changed the world's capability of air travel.  A Far greater  feat than its competitor can accomplish given the same opportunity.

Source Referencec: Boeing .com, and  NYC787 Blog "All About 787", and of course; Winging It Tables.