Friday, May 1, 2015

Sensational 787 News Made Simple

The Boeing 787 could, might, and  maybe shut down at any time mid-flight. Sensational FAA news found in a laboratory, when testing the 787 software. Not only does the 787 need continuous running for eight straight months of electrical systems before the computer kill order goes off, Boeing already shuts down its airplane after taking it to a  power cold status during routine maintenance. I rated this sensational news at tabloid level.

The FAA found a second level glitch in the software for controlling any over taxation of electrical systems after 8 months using a system shutdown order in its code. They want a new software fix which would not allow a 8 month auto shut down ever to occur even though Boeing recycles the system often for maintenance checks. This shut down condition should have never existed if the airplane is in motion, and it should exist when the airplane is only static (not moving an inch). A mandatory manual system shut down and check should occur during every "so many flight cycles", and not become an automated software item working in the background.

Currently this problem is already covered and risks are on the Boeing fix table, and no longer in the aircraft (via the famous power cycle). If an automobile has air pressure sensors in its tire, it would be like shutting the automobile off once it passes a certain air pressure up or down for your safety. The problem with that, you could be on California's 405 freeway during rush hour. It would cause great stresses to the driver, if over governed systems were shut off in an Automobile "for your safety".

Boeing missed making this code discovery and modification from its millions of lines of 787 code. As it turns into a major breach of rational thinking, and it was not obviously thought through during Boeing's programming phase, or not caught until now. The aircraft started flying a long time ago and just now the FAA questions this glitch discovery. The 787 upgrades is as similar to your home computer, but through a much more complex and multiple system restart.

The 787 should go cold for 24 hrs and have systems start-up on a periodic schedule. It could run concurrently with its maintenance and servicing program .

Note to self: Don't let my home computers go for eight months without a power cycle and windows updates. It could shut down and fail just like a 787 could, and as the FAA has found.