Thursday, May 7, 2015

Qatar Quips About The A-350 Head and Shoulders Over The 787.

Amazing comment when operating the 787 these many years since October 2012. He should know he gets paid by Airbus, I mean Qatar.  These facts are known about the A-350-9.

  • It’s Not Revolutionary
  • It’s Plastic
  • It’s five inches wider than the 787 which is less than a head's distance
  • It’s not as quiet as the 787.
  • The 787 has better shoulders and wings.
  • The comment is an obvious attempt at salvaging the decision for going All-in with Airbus   
They have two flying in Five months. Hardly a full sampling, but good enough to show how pride drives a comment in behalf of Airbus. It sounds so John Leahy, it feels like extra wide money has hit a bank account. Objectivity and substantiation of what "he" is talking about is lacking in the comment. 

A disappointing display for what Qatar has bought from Boeing, after so much effort was put forward on its 787. Money can do many things and this is one example, it can make a person seem smaller.

Maybe Al Baker was comparing a 787-8 with a A-350-9. He wouldn't do that, would he?

Enough said until tomorrow!