Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hub-a-nomics is not the Boeing Strategy?

"Hub aggregation is also a key to enabling growth, because the region's central hubs allow carriers to serve hundreds of routes that have insufficient traffic to warrant point-to-point service. "Alliances, partnerships, and equity stakes in airlines of neighboring regions also feed the Middle East hubs," added the Boeing official."

The 787 was built for point to point travel. From your front door to China with one airline ticket. However comes the term "Hub Aggregation" or a "Cluster, Forming United Center of Kaos". (No Acronym supplied)

Boeing is talking 737 MAX smack when its talking "Hub Aggregation". The 787 is a hub buster. The Middle East wants the world to come to them but not on a 737 necessarily. However, Boeing needs expansion for its single aisle 737 flying bridge, using "Hub Aggregation" as if it were a cruise ship term for a re-positioning maneuver.  The 737 case is for what the "Arab Nations have built it", and we are coming with the Boeing single aisle complimentary aircraft for that Arab Hub Aggregation which has been established.

Boeing proposes, growth can only occur with the right equipment. Emirates, Qatar and Jordan to name a few, need the re-positioning aircraft for its passengers like the 737 Max complimenting its Hub Aggregations in the Middle East