Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Cry Me A Glitch", Hits Top Ten 787 News Cycle

Its been almost two and a half days since it was brought to my undiluted attention. "Boeing has a Code Glitch". Nan-nah-nan-nan-nan-...nah, printed in full play ground taunt font. I thought this would be a one day event, and I went to dinner early and came home after breakfast. There it was again, Day 1 and a half. "Boeing has a Code Glitch!". Its getting to be dog piling by the copy paste news agencies.

I wrote an explanation on this already. It tells me the press didn't read, my breaking news wire. Am I delusional that I have a breaking news wire attached to my computer? Enough for delusion on with the evidence. It could crash, it could burn and it could explode, if it operates for eight months straight without a power cycle. Power cycle definition as follows from a Windows techi: Flip the breaker box's main switch up and then flip that switch down again. Power cycled...! Next is to the restart the 787. Push the big red button.

However, a team of Boeing code makers are high on caffeine and Cheetos with its yellow caffeinated fingers racing across key boards late at night during day 2 and a half of "The Code That Came In From The Cold." The late night parody is playing as some florescent lite mega room in America. Cheetos are free, and so is the Coffee. Pour on the Kick Juice, and have late night radio talk shows humming in the ear buds.

The arch villain of this story must, I repeat Must, move this to print or bytes. The sensationalizing of this idea is important. The 787 will fall from the sky if eight months or 258 days of continuous operation is achieved without a..., the above defined Power cycle. It sounds better than clicking "it" off and then clicking back on the 787 power. Why doesn't the press mention this in its "look its falling out of the sky" articles on day 2 and one half of its 787 news bombardment? I made you look? Didn't I?

FAA did its Job, Boeing is doing their Job. Nothing flies until certain conditions are met. Its that simple, duh! The current code condition solution is the click-click to the 787 power supply. I do that everyday to my computer when I remember. FAA has reminded Boeing to do that little thing with the "off",  then back "on" for its 787 during the normal scheduled maintenance it gets every Month-week -day? Your pick. In fact before this FAA code alarm was sounded for every 787 delivered or flying. The 787 has power cycled many times without knowing about "The Code Flaw". Now it has become a check list item for the 787 ground crews to power cycle at least once every so many days until the code is modified according to FAA bulletin constraints. A rewritten code will insure Boeing can continue its normal and random operational power cycles, as needed without the worry of an in flight shutdown while flying from being electrically and continuously live at the eight month mark.

I will assume instead of having that infamous airplane shutdown code after eight months of continuous operation, they will replace the code with a commanding a red flashing panel light to start complete with an annoying bell or whistle sound. At least it will remind a flight crew that the aircraft has inadvertently operated eight months without a power cycle. It won't shutdown, it just makes noise and blinks. However, with my scenario, the light and noise can't be shut off without a "Power Cycle" using an Aircraft Electrical "Of/On" sequence and electrical systems check while its on the ground. Then the noisy f aux applause and flashing warning lights will stop.

A crack team of engineers, programmers, and techs will make short work of this FAA finding and Boeing discovery. This will also include an FAA  implementation of the solution co-authored with Boeing. Of course it must undergo extensiveness testing of the solution, before any updates are installed on commercial 787. Its a ninety day project.

Two and a half days of news? I never saw this coming during a slow news cycle.