Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hub-enomics vs an AOC's with 787 Service, BOI Plight

Boeing has for along time developed a premise that large hubs are doomed like the dinosaur. They are too big , too inflexible, and too congested to be efficient and travel friendly. They countered with the Hub busting family of 787 aircraft. Both Airbus and Boeing study the statistics of each Airport of Consequence (AOC). The acronym is to be used through out this discussion. Boeing has gone rouge with its travel concept by thinking people will prefer a personal travel experience anywhere in the world with its hometown AOC. What makes an AOC?
  • The Region
  • The Population
  • and the Chamber of Commerce 
Super Hubs won't get you swimming or skiing faster, but they they do get you confused and tired. Boeing has built an airplane that disenfranchises the Super Hub from all that anxiety. Airports have not caught up to an "AOC mentality", nor have they caught Boeing's vision of direct flights by foregoing going to a hub first before the journey really begins. 

Take my case as an example; BOI is my home airport, currently served by single aisle equipment. What it needs is to become an "AOC" , which means having an affiliation with airlines having equipment that can fly passengers everywhere. Currently BOI snagged Allegiance on a part time basis. Allegiance  has no Dreamliner equipment flying on its routes. BOI can't become an AOC because of it. Boise Has 600,000 people in the valley. A Substantial Corporate foot Print with HP, Micron, Albertsons, and a plethora of budding tech companies. Many of its staffs travel to Hong Kong or to Europe on business. 

It could become the Silicon Valley JR or a cousin to the Microsoft plantation in Redmond, WA, if it had 787 wide body service. Boeing could also have a potential business footprint in the "Treasure Valley", containing ancillary businesses for its burgeoning 777X, 787 and 737 Renton projects. It doesn't hurt to ask, so I am asking. Boise is fifty minutes away by air to Everett. Allegiance goes to Hawaii from Boise over Christmas. This is also the same story for many under utilized  airports nation wide. Where non AOC's  need catching  the Boeing  "Dream" for its airport service. Before any city or the likes of Boise can  become a "city of significant consequence" it must achieve AOC status, through landing a 787 Dreamliner.

Defining BOI:

A hub is self descriptive. However, Boise BOI is more of a pivot. It's a source for its area people for accessing the world. It can't be done efficiently without 787 service. The valley has acres upon acres of space waiting for the right partners serving the world, Once again I invite you to come and see what BOI and Boise is about. 

Boeing's Dream cannot realize, until after its customers fill its high density routes with 787.  The 787 makes each airport it visits consequential, and its city becomes a significant player in the world of travel.  The AOC theme is only realized only by the 787 family coming to an airport like BOI in Boise, ID.

Where's are the  Dreamliners? We are growing to AOC status at BOI!

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BOI main terminal building after renovation and enhancements.

BOI Terminal Concourse
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787 passengers have not arrived.

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Single Aisle service counters

Luggage Service is ready for the Dreamliner

BOI ready to travel

Boise, wishing your next destination has this view looking at the ski area at the top.
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Delta comes and goes - Do you have 787 coming?
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Capital City
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