Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boeing Is Winging It In Everett

Finally the steel is flowing upward like a river at the Everett site for the 777X Wing plant. It’s next to its 777 assembly building. Once you see the steel, the tangible building starts to emerge. Next year at this time, another photo of the site will reveal Boeing's future with a new building on deck.

Before the steel came was the clutter of preparation as shown compared with the Main Production Building in the background. It's one of the World's largest facilities. A super large Walmart would fit in one corner as shown in the right of photo the exposed corner of the building. The store would fit within the roofs white outlined rectangle marked by black roof lines. Even at that it would only have the height of about a fourth of the way up the wall. That is a tremendous scale. Below is (right center) the construction lot for the new wing plant. It is being erected with steel at this time. The building footprint looks relatively small compared to the assembly building. But it isn't small at all.   

However in itself, it will dwarf most warehousing buildings found in cities today. Use the parked cars for scale in the lots around the building, and work site. This is big with additional size already in place. The tangible capital commitment is in pictures at Everett. It’s the aviation wars equivalent of a max effort for winning the sales battle in the air.