Thursday, April 30, 2015

Qantas On The Cusp Of Operational Goals For Dreamliners

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO left no guessing out of his words as he "strongly suggested", No more A-380 and he is getting ready for the 787's. They have an order window, they have operational goals and they have a business plan in place. There is a small check-list of to do's within its grasp within the next year.

CEO's speak in threes because they just do.

  • returning the international business to profitability
  • by paying down $1 billion in debt this year.
  • “And thirdly, the business case for the aircraft has to return its cost of capital,

The first is the efficiency of internal growth growing international in the region. It's a location, location , location thing. Australia should rule the region on the globe. New Zealand to East. Tahiti to the Northeast and finally all of South East Asia rising travel market is kicking Australia's Door down. Qantas can't biff it with those conditions     (you know it as the three thing).

Qantas is almost there paying down its billion in the hole. A few more monthly installments and the Billion is back at the bank. Its just a matter of a few more easy-peasy payments and the 787 are then ordered. The hard part is not squeezing the order trigger before its debt is gone. Being an adult airline is very difficult in these tempting times. Alan Joyce is the parent of Qantas, and he orders a few more months of sitting in the corner before Qantas can go shopping. 

Playing by the operational rules is hard to do, but the staff of Qantas has to play it if it  wants it pay for a  new 787. They must take an allowance cut here and there before going out in shinny new equipment. Did you see the American Airlines 787 in yesterday's blog? Its way better than any junker Qantas currently flies including the A-380. It's a really "sweet" aircraft as quoted from "Napoleon Dynamite" movie fame.

Resource: The Australian

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

American Airlines, A Sweet Dreamliner (Video Update)


I am making it simple on me today, "its Links and Photos Day". Just For American 787-8 latest

"Sweet" Video of the American 787

DFW Dallas

Wichita Eagle

Captain Fergie Ferguson poses for a personal snapshot with American Airlines' first Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the airline's maintenance hangar at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airpor, Wednesday. American Airlines unveiled the new passenger jet to employees and media before it goes into service May 7.

American Airlines' fourth 787 Dreamliner arrived late(Photo: Jason Whitely, WFAA)

Randy Tinseth Is Having A Great Boeing Day Video

American Airlines' fourth 787 jet arrived on Wednesday
(Photo: Jason Whitely, WFAA)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boeing Is Winging It In Everett

Finally the steel is flowing upward like a river at the Everett site for the 777X Wing plant. It’s next to its 777 assembly building. Once you see the steel, the tangible building starts to emerge. Next year at this time, another photo of the site will reveal Boeing's future with a new building on deck.

Before the steel came was the clutter of preparation as shown compared with the Main Production Building in the background. It's one of the World's largest facilities. A super large Walmart would fit in one corner as shown in the right of photo the exposed corner of the building. The store would fit within the roofs white outlined rectangle marked by black roof lines. Even at that it would only have the height of about a fourth of the way up the wall. That is a tremendous scale. Below is (right center) the construction lot for the new wing plant. It is being erected with steel at this time. The building footprint looks relatively small compared to the assembly building. But it isn't small at all.   

However in itself, it will dwarf most warehousing buildings found in cities today. Use the parked cars for scale in the lots around the building, and work site. This is big with additional size already in place. The tangible capital commitment is in pictures at Everett. It’s the aviation wars equivalent of a max effort for winning the sales battle in the air.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Re-purposed Jumbos 747-8i and A380

Boeing has sold 122, 747-8i in both the freight and passenger models. Airbus has sold 317 A-380, or about 62% of the recent super Jumbo market. It was reported recently a 80% load factor is a common indicator of what an airlines can expect. The A-380 can expect it will fill only 80% of its given seats on a given day. The same with the 747-8i. The question becomes who makes the most sense running with 80% loaded on day-to-day. It doesn't matter about bragging rights of who can go the farthest or carry the most passengers. It all becomes duck soup to the stock holders.  Then there is the 777X-9 coming on board which could carry 405 stuffed-in passengers. Its load factor at 80% is 324 passenger on two engines.

Wide Body Promenade:
Likely Scenario Seats Filled= Load Factor
Type Average Seat Configuration Engines 80% 81% 82% 83% 84%
787-8 250 2 200 203 205 208 210
787-9 303 2 242 245 248 251 255
787-10 323 2 258 262 265 268 271
777X-8 350 2 280 284 287 291 294
777X-9 405 2 324 328 332 336 340
747-8i 450 4 360 365 369 374 378
A-380 525 4 420 425 431 436 441
A-350-9 315 2 252 255 258 261 265
A-350-1000 387 2 310 313 317 321 325

1. How many routes exists that can fill the right airplane at least by 80%?
2. How many competitors will dilute the market causing a lower Load factor?

747-8i/F ordered = 122
A-380 ordered = 317

747-8 38 % Market Share; Start Date 2010
A-380 62% Market Share: Start date 2005

More anemic sales of the 747-8's have been sold in the last two  years than  the zero ordered A-380's. Twenty-nine front line orders have been canceled since A-380 program started. The Option book has dwindled back to 28, out of a possible 105 options, made during the program history. Global warming is really affecting the A-380 Glacier. 

Those two key questions plague all airlines and in particularly the super Jumbo Customers. Emirates bet the Oil Farm on the A-380 without noting how many routes could financially sustain flying to those locations. A dwindling ticket base could kill the super Giant. It will take delivery on or about 82 more these monsters. With less high density routes available to support its weight, it is tenuous on its survival. The A-380 will collapse itself before Emirates can reach 140 A-380's delivered. I would expect some more Airbus A-380 cancellations, before it reaches its own profound conclusions of 317 delivered. Only 163 undelivered A-380's remain to be produced , and only 28 Options are on the books that could go away after the next airline board meeting. It looks like an 747-8i scenario. 

Emirates took the baseball adage "build it and they will come", even in a corn field. Yes, there are fans of the A-380 who will always appreciate over a cup of hyperbole, while commenting on it, as well other people do with other aircraft. Queue the Ice water. The smaller 747 Jumbo sales is receding like a Glacier during Global warming. However the Larger A-380 Jumbo is calving off its sales number with cancellations more than new orders for the last few years. Emirates will give into the Global warming as others go more towards the 777X-9 , its more handy in all markets, but it too has seat glut problems as well but not so much.

Survival of the fittest in this Darwinian scenario. Will the big dinosaurs rule like the A-380, or will the Horse change the world once more. Even a wooden horse collapsed the city of Troy thousands of years ago. Emirates, there is still time to survive. Get a flying horse! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Press Says Slow Orders For 787 or is it the Coming Paris Air Show Effect

This is the time of the year for hoarding order announcements. Its about 50 days before the big event. A typical year has Airbus saving all its big announcements for the emotional effect of wowing potential customers. Boeing too, not to be sidelined, will bag a few orders at the show. This is a show, pairing up its dancers as airline customers and manufacturer, who want to tout its purchases like a couple at the prom flashing its styles on the dance floor. Paris is for dancing with the public.

I am curious who will show up with what garment draped on its shoulders. The grand promenade down the long showcase stairs is not far off. Will Cinderella show up with a sizable order no one saw coming, or will it be a dude with gawkers staring at each other? Its a quiet order book year at this point, where Boeing prefers to act nonchalant saying its the customers call to say so, yawn. Then there is John Leahy, my favorite villain. He will be the the one wearing the royal purple sash embossed with gold letters saying "Hyperbole King of The Show"!

John Leahy at PT Barnum's Pavilion Explaining About Suckers

Image result for paris air show 2015 John Leahy

Now that the metaphor is set in place, let's get real with the show. Who will show and who will not show? Boeing has been suspiciously silent recently, only showing the 51 Max with Copa. Concerning both order books from the duopoly, are they the calm before an order storm? Boeing and its customers announced a recent 787 shift of trading with 10, 787, for 777 and delaying 5, 787 coming from two US  giants, United and American airlines.

Could this be a pre-positioning Public Relations move before the show?

Yes, it is that move. Negative sounding deals were were known for sometime by Corporate insiders, and the news was pushed out on the same day, as a not so curious happening. Boeing is trimming the news cycle sails before the Paris Airshow.

Pre Airshow activities listed, by Winging It, considering both mega builders of aircraft:

  • Move on all negative appearing transactions (Boeing) two months before the show.
  • Airbus, asked all its customers, if they will hold any order announcements for 60 days, until the front of the show.
  • Groom your biggest orders for the show.
  • Announce something startling at the show, How about a New Engine Option, Airbus!
  • Don't Crash a Fly-by test
  • Plan to land the A-380 once again 
  • Drones Baby Drones, at the show, the 777X isn't here yet!
  • Is it KC-46 demo time?
The Airshow this year has a lot of mystery going into it, but it will answer questions going out. It will tell everyone what kind of year the majors are having pushing CRP.  2015 is a year I predicted would have a very strong second half for the 787's. Paris may reveal that hand with some 787 sales announcement. The low fuel price market have skewed predictions, as different sales combinations are occurring under these fuel price conditions. Exampled by the switch from 10 units of 787, in a one for one switch going to 777-300-ER's, by United Airlines. Remember, Boeing/United did this little thing 60 days before the show, after-all,  Boeing made an offer United couldn't refuse.

Randy Tinseth Leads The Way  For Boeing
Image result for paris air show 2015 Randy Tinseth
Air Transport Paris 2013 Article Photo

The real sales shenanigans are saved for for the Paris Air Show, June 15-21, 2015. John Leahy has a new suit for the show, Randy Tinseth is at a Paris Airshow restaurant sampling food ,and answering questions about next years sales forecast. The speaker system announces John Leahy will be speaking at the PT Barnum Pavilion in 15 Minutes. The topic, "How Big Can We Make It", followed by a slide-show entitled, "Inside the Low Tech Sleeve Of Airbus". Randy is available for a photo op at 1:00 pm in front of the Boeing Pavilion with its newest customers gained, since the start of the show. So goes the show, so goes the "Bigs", welcome to Paris everyone.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Quotes and Comments About The WTO Findings "Scrapbook Feature"

It has come to this, the WTO says, EA cheats. Something most everybody has known for long time. They flat out, play the international system. A State in the United States is just a subdivision of the United States. However, the European Union is made up of separate countries, yes, separate Nations with separate languages, boarders, and so forth. By treaty they are bound. In the United States, those states operate under the same Constitution, as its "municipalities" and "county" boundaries are subject to it as well. A state is just a subdivision of The United States. A European Union are a group of national entities combined to play loose and with the intent of gaining further advantage for its people. It is important knowing about the different dichotomy of the United States, vs the European Union in this case. When a county in the State of Washington of the United States gives a tax break for Boeing, is way different when a Country in Europe, for instance Germany, gives Billions of Euros to a Company in France, as Airbus. It becomes an unfair advantage usurping trade agreements that are in place.

"New Europe", exposes this European disparity in a Blog article about the partially silent WTO findings. Below are alternating paragraphs with this blog where the Blue font is Winging It commentary and the Black font comes straight from the New Europe Blog.

"The furious feud between the European Union and United States over whether the French-German airplane manufacturer Airbus gets improper subsidies isn’t settled yet, but the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland has finished a secret report that declares the EU company received unlawful EU financial help to develop its A380 jet, sources told European and American media outlets. No public report has been issued and any finding could be appealed, a process that could take up to five years, further stalling any resolution to the long-standing battle. But if upheld, the ruling could force Airbus to pay back the money it got from the EU.  The American company Boeing, Airbus’ only real rival for the world’s market for large airliners, said that Airbus, a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defense & Space Co. (EADS) – had an unfair advantage that allowed it to increase its market share by 20 percent from the year 2000 until 2007, a time when Boeing was trying to develop its rival to the A380, the Dreamliner. US trade officials said the ruling was “a great victory,” a source familiar with the ruling told the Wall Street Journal. Under WTO rules, companies can legally receive launch aid to build new aircraft, and don’t have to pay back the money if the plane under development loses money."

The confidential report stirred news around the world in the offices of businesses closely watching the developments and the fierce fight between the US and EU. “We are still reviewing the interim report, which is about 1,000 pages long,” a US official said, adding that the content would remain confidential until the process was completed. In six months, another ruling is expected, which features similar claims by Europe against the US in its support for Boeing. Both cases are expected to have major implications for the entire global air industry. Washington says EU nations give billions of dollars in subsidies to Airbus, violating trade rules. “The United States has always maintained that the European governments have provided unfair subsidies to Airbus that harm US interests,” Deborah Mesloh at the US Trade Representative’s office in Washington said in e-mailed comments. WTO officials confirmed that the report was given to relevant trade ministers, including the commissioner in Brussels. Observers have anticipated a somewhat mixed final report from the three-person panel, with expectations of a ruling that some cash flows were subsidies that were against WTO regulations. The two air industry cases together are considered the biggest dispute in the WTO’s history.
Subsidies are the key words, it would be similar in the USA if our National government gave billions of dollars to Boeing coming from all its Taxpayers instead of Snohomish county just giving a Tax credit for locating in Everett, Wa., which is a common practice everywhere for all industries. However, Airbus got Billions of Euros from many countries funding the A380 project. It was a shameless exhibition of European arrogance. Hopefully they will now pay.

"The confidential report stirred news around the world in the offices of businesses closely watching the developments and the fierce fight between the US and EU. “We are still reviewing the interim report, which is about 1,000 pages long,” a US official said, adding that the content would remain confidential until the process was completed. In six months, another ruling is expected, which features similar claims by Europe against the US in its support for Boeing. Both cases are expected to have major implications for the entire global air industry. Washington says EU nations give billions of dollars in subsidies to Airbus, violating trade rules. “The United States has always maintained that the European governments have provided unfair subsidies to Airbus that harm US interests,” Deborah Mesloh at the US Trade Representative’s office in Washington said in e-mailed comments. WTO officials confirmed that the report was given to relevant trade ministers, including the commissioner in Brussels. Observers have anticipated a somewhat mixed final report from the three-person panel, with expectations of a ruling that some cash flows were subsidies that were against WTO regulations. The two air industry cases together are considered the biggest dispute in the WTO’s history."

Unfair, is the label most bantered about in  the backrooms of the WTO, its slowly leaking out the EA is unfair and a poor sport in heavy industry. They like to cheat and brag all the way to the Euro bank. John Leahy, Airbus Chief braggart, exemplifies this spirit. A European Union sponsored Aircraft manufacturer in Airbus competes against a private US manufacturer in Boeing, is way too unfair when the "Union" can underwrite any Airbus blunders and losses in development programs. Boeing must eat its burning batteries all the way to Japan. Biggest is an understatement. A favorable Boeing outcome will change the Airplane paradigm  once again. It will mean a leveler playing field for other manufacturing entities world wide. Self discipline, is a giant European step, without it they will have set a bad standard which no one in industry will respect. That is why everything is still in the hush-hush world. Making Breaking up is so hard to do. (A Neil Sedaka reference)

"The Geneva trade arbiter is expected in six months to weigh in on a counter-claim the EU has filed against Boeing and the US, on behalf of Airbus. Billions of dollars are riding on the rulings, in an industry that represents more trade dollars for the US and the EU than any other. The decision “is a big win on paper, but the reality is, the process of appeals is likely to go on until 2013,” Brian Havel, Director of International Aviation law at DePaul University’s college of law told the Journal. In the meantime, Boeing and Airbus Boeingwill carry on with business as usual. With government help, both companies plan to introduce new aircraft, the 787 for Boeing and Airbus’ A350.  Havel said that, given the politics surrounding world trade, it’s quite likely that the WTO’s next ruling will go in favor of Airbus, more or less leveling the playing field. WTO rulings potentially could help set a global framework for government funding of new aircraft. But, Havel said, international judicial rulings tend to be “squishy” and more open to interpretation than opinions handed down by a high court in the US or the EU."

SSDD is on the table, this 2009 feature has come a long way since where we are today. Boeing is building 787 in Snohomish and Airbus is well just being Airbus with better lawyers. However what has changed Boeing in moving faster ahead than Airbus in the last six years since this commentary. It is building and selling more 787 than Airbus' A350. The A380 has reached its pinnacle and Airbus is considering a NEO A-380. I expect Airbus to NEO the A350 sooner rather than latter to spur on its horse in the race. Eventually that horse has a heart and can go only so far.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Airline Hedging Has Started with the 787

Its spring, and its a fine time to trim the hedge. Both American airlines and United, are holders of large book orders with the 787. They are trimming it back a bit on its 787 orders. United has had a change of strategy for its 787. Lower fuel prices and opportunity made the shift smart. It is dropping 10- 787 from the books, and adding 10 777-300-ER's to its play book.  Timing made the opportunity,

Evidently United feels fuel price growth can be absorbed with a steady ticket price adjustment, with a little noticed increase of ticket prices stretched over the next few years. Additionally, Boeing is making an offer United can't refuse with its  777-300 ER class aircraft.  It says "move now" with the deal. That is what Boeing hopes for when filling up the 777 line with new orders, going onto the 2016 production schedules. Others could follow that plan of switching a handful of 787 on order with 777-300 ER's. Its a way to increase capacity without penalties to an airline's capital outlay.

Image result for Hedge trimming

American Airline is another hedger with the 787 and it is going to "put-off" 5-787 deliveries from its books as it trims its future fleet for reasons of market analysis. It finds a glut of seats forming in the market place without airline growth keeping up. The well intended original order from American Airline is adjusting timing into its future fleet size, according to its market projections. This is the type of drop in orders that are often found on order side with little or no explanation for the reader. In this case billions of dollars are adjusted by fleet timing of delivery.

In fact the airlines are loving the 787 for what it does for its business plans. Trimming is done as a hedge against volatility in the travel market place. A glut of available tickets/seats signals that volatility will reign over the next few years. Airline seat efficiency is trending in downward a tick slightly, or is stable with no growth. As an example, a scheduled flight is rated by the number of seats sold each flight. The airline factors that statistic as a percentage such as an average of 83%  Load Factor. Formulate the Load Factor into ticket revenue and an Airline can determine if it is making money each time a route is run. In this same example, the Load Factor drops to 80%, then that route maybe in peril of not making a profit. American Airlines is looking not at its own load factor in a vacuum, but it is looking at the world's  Load Factor as a whole, and how it will compete. American is foregoing five Dreamliner for later, in a strategy for keeping its routes at optimum profitability and saving capital in reserve. It just so happens to be announced in tandem with United's order switch from 10-787 to 10-777's.

What is next in play is fifteen 787 slots are now open for a lucky airline in waiting? I would not be surprised to see a new 787 order announced soon, as Boeing was telling its potential customers, "we will have an opening immediately." Today's news was not by accident, being reported in tandem. Something else is lurking in the news, which I will be anxious to see. Probably, another order for 20 Dreamliner is my estimation. Otherwise Boeing wouldn't have encourage so strongly to sell the 777-300-ER's to United at those prices, and filling some 2016 production time slots.



American Airlines defers 5 Boeing 787s on concerns about global seat glut

Puget Sound Business Journal

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Boeing's Merging Technology

Boeing has a merger going on as a sort. Its not the devouring of a competitor like a Lockheed Martin or a composite wing maker from Japan moving to the 777X Everett wing plant. Its more like merging its proprietary pantry into everything it cooks with its Commercial Aviation Division. The merging includes its Space and technology with the military arm. Even the merging goes both ways with the Commercial division giving The Navy its Sub Locating 737's. The 767 is now a tanker called the KC-46. Missiles, drones, and 787 "oh my". Do you want a AH64 -Apache with that order?

Boeing Photo Credit

A Boeing War Bird sans mood lighting.

Getting back to commercial aviation and travel logging, Let's consider what the merging implosion is doing. First there was the "Moon Shooting 787" Any self respecting Boeing engineer or sub contracting engineer will tell you tell that in heart beat, "It was about every airplane Boeing builds, every copter it flies and every drone flying off the deck an aircraft carrier". Merging technology comes from NASA projects, autoclaves and aluminum formulation. Even the SR-72, yes you heard me right, Lockheed's Skunk-worked SR-72  can go Mach 5+ with some friendly help from Boeing subcontracting, as part of that merging technology.

The 787 did not shift the Boeing  paradigm. Competition did that for Boeing. Boeing built excellent aircraft during the 90's, with each model being unique in its design. Havoc ensued for aviation flight line commandos, who had to learn each models different design and tooling quirks. The 737 to the 757 and then 767; all unique and flying differently. Boeing made a very effective change. The new Max merged its technology with "Boeing's Moon Shot" technological bin of advanced engineering. The Max will fly like a 787. A pilot can transition from smallest to the largest qualifying in the shortest possible time. It is a key result of merging Boeing's goal of spending Billions on the 787. It had spent the billions for all its merging technology as one seminal effort not just the 787.

All of this merges into the 787 and goes back out flowing to the 777X and 737 Max. Plus the venerable Queen of the skies, 747-8i. Even the KC-46 (AKA 767)  has 787 flight avionics and flight controls.

The 787 did not shift the Boeing paradigm, competition did that to Boeing. Boeing built excellent aircraft with each model being unique in its design. Havoc for aviation flight line commandos ensued, who then have to learn each models different design and tooling quirks. The 737 to the 757 and then 767, all different and flying differently. Boeing now has changed the maintenance synchronization so effectively from its "Moon Shot" 787 program. The new Max merged its technology with the "Moon's" technological bin of advanced engineering. The Max will fly like a 787 and maintain with key 787 like servicing ques. A pilot can transition from smallest  to the largest Boeing, qualifying in the shortest possible time. It is a key result of merging with Boeing's goal of spending Billions on the 787. Where it is now a resource for all its merging technology coming from that one seminal effort. The 787 was  the means for Boeing's justification of its change management's end.

Boeing needed the 787 placebo for escaping all its diverse obsessions found in its nature. No longer are there corporate Obsessions in the test kitchen of ideas messing around. The 787 took the company way past its own eclectic and insatiable appetite for its aircraft OCD to something grander. It shot past commonality of the mundane as Airbus has achieved. Boeing's own compulsive behavior can not be breached by another design binge from a competitor. Remedial help came with one assignment. Build an all new, plastic, and metal aircraft. It Unified the corporation with technology. Mission was accomplished. All Boeing projects now have 787 DNA in them. Whether its direct technology transferred over from the 787 or indirect from lessons learned, both will serve Boeing DNA well for thirty more years.

Boeing made the paradigm shift, as demonstrated in both sales and deliveries. It left Airbus holding a tacky array of insufficient advancements on its aircraft. The 787 made Boeing the world's largest Aircraft Company again. In 2004 Boeing said let's make something best for its customers, our corporation, and this industry. The shift has become, "We did it", chant. "Now let's preserve our leap with a brighter horizon for all our divisions, and stay away from the Moon for awhile". It will drive everyone crazy, if we are mooning forward. Horizons are made for lovers of aviation. Moons are for Madmen.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hub-enomics vs an AOC's with 787 Service, BOI Plight

Boeing has for along time developed a premise that large hubs are doomed like the dinosaur. They are too big , too inflexible, and too congested to be efficient and travel friendly. They countered with the Hub busting family of 787 aircraft. Both Airbus and Boeing study the statistics of each Airport of Consequence (AOC). The acronym is to be used through out this discussion. Boeing has gone rouge with its travel concept by thinking people will prefer a personal travel experience anywhere in the world with its hometown AOC. What makes an AOC?
  • The Region
  • The Population
  • and the Chamber of Commerce 
Super Hubs won't get you swimming or skiing faster, but they they do get you confused and tired. Boeing has built an airplane that disenfranchises the Super Hub from all that anxiety. Airports have not caught up to an "AOC mentality", nor have they caught Boeing's vision of direct flights by foregoing going to a hub first before the journey really begins. 

Take my case as an example; BOI is my home airport, currently served by single aisle equipment. What it needs is to become an "AOC" , which means having an affiliation with airlines having equipment that can fly passengers everywhere. Currently BOI snagged Allegiance on a part time basis. Allegiance  has no Dreamliner equipment flying on its routes. BOI can't become an AOC because of it. Boise Has 600,000 people in the valley. A Substantial Corporate foot Print with HP, Micron, Albertsons, and a plethora of budding tech companies. Many of its staffs travel to Hong Kong or to Europe on business. 

It could become the Silicon Valley JR or a cousin to the Microsoft plantation in Redmond, WA, if it had 787 wide body service. Boeing could also have a potential business footprint in the "Treasure Valley", containing ancillary businesses for its burgeoning 777X, 787 and 737 Renton projects. It doesn't hurt to ask, so I am asking. Boise is fifty minutes away by air to Everett. Allegiance goes to Hawaii from Boise over Christmas. This is also the same story for many under utilized  airports nation wide. Where non AOC's  need catching  the Boeing  "Dream" for its airport service. Before any city or the likes of Boise can  become a "city of significant consequence" it must achieve AOC status, through landing a 787 Dreamliner.

Defining BOI:

A hub is self descriptive. However, Boise BOI is more of a pivot. It's a source for its area people for accessing the world. It can't be done efficiently without 787 service. The valley has acres upon acres of space waiting for the right partners serving the world, Once again I invite you to come and see what BOI and Boise is about. 

Boeing's Dream cannot realize, until after its customers fill its high density routes with 787.  The 787 makes each airport it visits consequential, and its city becomes a significant player in the world of travel.  The AOC theme is only realized only by the 787 family coming to an airport like BOI in Boise, ID.

Where's are the  Dreamliners? We are growing to AOC status at BOI!

Image result for Boi airport 
BOI main terminal building after renovation and enhancements.

BOI Terminal Concourse
Image result for Boi airport
787 passengers have not arrived.

Image result for Boi airport

Single Aisle service counters

Luggage Service is ready for the Dreamliner

BOI ready to travel

Boise, wishing your next destination has this view looking at the ski area at the top.
Image result for Boi airport
Delta comes and goes - Do you have 787 coming?
Image result for Boi airport

Capital City
Image result for Boi airport

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dominic Gates Seattle Times Is At It Again

Boeing retools Renton plant for 737’s big ramp-up

So the Seattle Times gives a great preview of Boeing's 737 make-over of production in Renton, Washington. Rather than misspell myself into Blogger bliss, I will make it short. Click the link above and enjoy the article by Dominic Gates of the Seattle Times.

Reference the above link on your computer for a great article concerning both the NG and Max projects running simultaneous with a 52 737 a year clip by 2018. The year is just a number that sounds far off. It is less time than car payment book. The Five years lead time started several years back, when Boeing announced the Max. But in less than 36 months the big show at 737 central will be flying the 737 aircraft off the tarmac at 47 a month pace. Once the Max is tested and ready for delivery, the rate will grow to its production goal of 52 a month.

Systems installation at Boeing’s Renton plant now takes place on six 737 fuselages at the same time. That will grow to nine fuselages later this year as production ramps up. These fuselage sections move on a rail system from one position to the next.  (Mike Siegel/The Seattle Times)

737 Production Pins
Photo Credit Seattle Times See Video in factory at the Seattle Times Link above.

Order Book Wars: Spring Addition

Copa Airlines came to Boeing's rescue. It ordered 10 Max in 2014 as a silent bidder, then comes the overarching Boeing and Copa announcement of 61 grand total Max on order during the 2014-2015 order cycle. Fifty-one more Max are slotted in the 2015 order Book.

Boeing also has 32 unidentified Boeing heavies namely the 787-9's as compared with Airbus upping its A-330 order book by 34.

The order race is almost a dead heat for 2015 with Airbus having a net of 101 and Boeing with a net of 111. The Airbus total, caps through March 31,2015. The Boeing net total is YTD coming from is website. 

Boeing with its large unidentified group of 787-9 will have the greatest dollar value.

Orders through April 14, 2015.

I just love copy/paste from Boeing's new commercial aviation site. Please visit the site, its really smooth. 

2015 Net Orders6631734111

Alaska Airlines6----6
All Nippon Airways5---38
COPA Airlines51----51
Korean Airlines---5-5
Silk Way Airlines-3---3
Unidentified Customer(s)4--23238
2015 Gross Orders7131735117
2015 Net Orders6631734111


Blue highlighted text in the chart above indicates updates for the current week.
Changes since last update: One new order (FedEx one 767). Identified COPA Airlines order for 51 737s previously listed as unidentified.
Boeing swamps the Ultra Heavy category with a total order book of 747,767, and 777 equaling 11 on the big spenders and 32 for 787.

Airbus was awash with zero A-350 and A-380 ordered, clear since the first of the year. So its onto 34 A-330 cashing in the majority of its order money for wide bodies.

Total Gross Order Airbus per A/C Family

CUSTOMER Date of order Type Type TOTAL
UNDISCLOSED 30-Jan A330-200-5 5
AIRASIA 24-Feb A320Neo-9 9
UNDISCLOSED 27-Feb A320Ceo-5 A320NEO-18 23
LUFTHANSA 5-Mar A320Neo-1 1
AIR LEASE CORPORATION 9-Mar A320Neo-30 A330-900-25 55
TURKISH AIRLINES 9-Mar A330-200-F-4 4
ANA HOLDINGS 24-Mar A320Ceo-4 A320Neo-3 7
CIT 25-Mar A320Ceo-5 5
TOTAL CANCELLATIONS A320Ceo--10 A321--10 -20

My observations on the Airbus Order Book so many CEO's and so Few NEO's 
So Many A330-200's and a freight order coupled with the last years promise order from Airlease for 25 A-330-900'S, FINALIZED in March of 2015.