Friday, March 13, 2015

Japan Has Another Giant Crock Pot Built For Curing the 787

What if Kawasaki Heavy Industry could cure out 14 787 bodies a month? Could Boeing reciprocate and build those 168 787's a year? That's what KFI has just announced is a plant expansion to do 14 787 bodies a month.

Then there is competitor plastics plant, Mitsubishi, who makes the 787 wings. Boeing is going long in Seattle with its new 777 wing plant just across the door from the 777X Everett facilities. What shapes up for the customer is a plan by Boeing after talking to Kawasaki and convincing them to expand is a plan to do over 280 wide bodies a year in Boeing's long line of wide bodies by 2020. Consider exclusive builds for the 787-10 in Charleston SC and going with two 787 lines in Everett Wa in a two by two construction phase. One line for the 787-8 and one for the 787-9, and oh yeah, one for the 777X in 2018 with all its imagineering currently going into place in Everett. Boeing will build at a clip 64 787-8, 6 787-9 and 4 more 787-10 in Charleston each month. Boeing will build up to 10 777X each month when production dials in the frame build. By 2022 in just seven short years the build rate of 24 wide bodies a month will be achieved. Twelve monthly cycles will deliver over 288 Wide Bodies a year.

Add the 52 a month single aisle number for the 737, and Boeing will reach 624 737's a year by 2018. That equals an astounding 918 deliveries in total per year by 2022, not counting other odds and ends on the delivery dock.

Giant Japanese oven gives Boeing room to ramp up 787 output

Watch the supplier first for they will commit first when they ramp up call comes out for go time. Kawasaki has ramped up first for Boeing. The supply chain is more flexible in 2015 than it was in 2007. Boeing is shooting the moon at the production point, and it doesn't care what Airbus thinks. 918 plus a Dozen  747 a year will make it an even 930 units in delivery a year by 2022.